Fall treasures

We are into the fall season and have so many sweet handmade items to show you from Rainbow Artists . We are a small group of artists that make beautiful handmade items. We also have friends that sell supplies for your craft projects and vintage for all you vintage lovers. Today I am going to showcase a couple of our members work.

Carola Bartz

Big Orange pumpkin greeting card

halloween art 1

Big orange pumpkins and the blue sky above them – this is what this photo greeting card is all about. It captures the beauty of autumn with these exceptionally beautiful, very big pumpkins that I discovered during our fall festival a couple years ago. Wouldn’t this be a lovely Thanksgiving greeting?


Ravens Bend Folk Art
Folk Art Wood Plate

halloween art

It’s Halloween and an enormous jack-o’-lantern peers over the horizon at a witch who is brewing up some dinner at her farm. Her black cat and a friendly ghost watch in anticipation of a good meal.


Thunder Rose

Brown Children’s Moccasins

halloween art 4

These children’s moccasins measure approximately 6 inches heel to toe and are made in soft, durable brown elkskin leather. These buckskin moccasins make a great house shoe for your little one. Ready to ship.


Here you see a few shops that have quality handmade art from different venues .

To see more of these shops art follow the links back to their stores where you will find many more awesome handmade  items to choose from. Our team has a shopping guide where you can see many different shops , styles and handmade items of all kinds!

Blessings and thanks for stopping by!

Rainbow Artists Shopping guide

 Facebook Page



Rainbow Artists Team

It’s been a long hot summer here in Arizona and we have a lot more of it coming. The rains have really been helping to cool things down a little. There has been so many changes on Etsy for all of us shop owners it’s been hard to keep up with. Especially for teams. We do have fall coming and I am sure many shop owners are getting their fall items created.

One thing I am really enjoying is the NEW Etsy tool for running a sale. It is very easy to use. Everybody loves a sale.

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the summer months and we look forward to seeing all the new beautiful creations coming in for fall from our


Be sure to take a look at our team page shoppers guide.

Our dear friend and leader Deanna at Glowing Heart Studios .  has been busy . You should check out the really cool creations her and Kent have been busy creating.

Butterfly Dream Catcher
Butterfly Dream Catcher
Natural Dram Catcher
Natural Dream Catcher

To see more  of Deanna and Kent’s art go to their shop

Glowing Heart Studios

You can also find them on


John and I had the blessing of meeting Deanna and Kent this summer. We had a really fun time visiting. It was like we have always known each other. They are both very awesome people and great artists. We are so honored to call them our friends.

Love you Deanna and Kent!

Deanna and me
Deanna and Me

Thanks for stopping in!

Peace , love and light!

Debbie from Thunder Rose

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Lilly Beads Designs Gift Ideas


Good evening everyone! I would love to show you some beautiful handmade jewelry art from Rainbow Artist team member, leader and my dear sweet friend Kathi Heale from Lilly Beads Designs.  Kathi makes a variety of beaded jewelry from beaded necklaces, bracelets, earrings and beaded leather wrap bracelets. She has beautiful jewelry sets and gifts that would be perfect for Mother’s Day or any holiday .

I am in love with her leather wrap bracelets. I have one that I wear almost everyday. They are so comfortable you hardly know you have something on your wrist. But they make what you are wearing pop. They are very , very cool!

Kathi takes customs orders so you can create just how many wraps you would like.

Here are a couple of my favorites that are in her Etsy shop

Purple Leather wrap bracelet
Purple leather wrap bracelet by Lilly Beads Designs on Etsy.
Red Creek Jasper leather wrap bracelet
Red Creek Jasper leather wrap bracelet from Lilly Beads Designs

Now you see what I mean. Wow!  These are both beautiful designs with awesome colors. The button closures accent them and add a awesome flavor to bracelet. Not only are a lot of these bracelets unisex but they are perfect for all ages.

There are so many more of these to choose from. You really should go by her Etsy shop and check out all her beautiful Jewelry.

Lilly Beads Designs

Here are some of the beautiful earrings Kathi Makes.

Venetian Glass earrings
Venetian Glass Earrings by Lilly Beads Designs.

We love you Kathi and appreciate all you do for us on Rainbow Artists Etsy Team.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner Be sure to check out our Rainbow Artists Team Shoppers guide

Blessings !



Thunder Rose


Thunder Rose Leather

Ravens Bend Folk Art

Spring is here and it is a true blessing. The earth is coming alive and the colors are beautiful!

Rainbow Artists Team have been busy creating some beautiful spring handmade items . Today I would like to share some beautiful folk art with you from

Sharon at

Ravens Bend Folk Art


Ravens Bend Folk Art
Spring colors in folk art..

About Sharon

Folk Art – A Way of Life in Rural America

Welcome to Ravens Bend Folk Art. My name is Sharon Wittke and I live in the beautiful Shawnee Hills of southernmost Illinois where my studio window overlooks a peaceful pasture filled with grazing longhorn cattle.

I begin each day with a paintbrush in my hand. I’m a self-taught decorative artist, and my painting style is a blend of naïve, narrative and folk art with a touch of whimsy thrown in for good measure.

Using acrylics, I paint my original designs on a variety of surfaces. Wooden bowls and plates, chairs, three legged stools, cheese boxes, and antique kitchen utensils are among my favorite items to decorate. I scour local antique and resale shops for odd or interesting items to paint. My favorite subjects are Halloween, Christmas, other holidays, and scenes of rural life.

For inspiration, I recall the resplendent autumn days and blustery winter nights of my childhood home in upstate New York. Dancing witches, cavorting skeletons and grinning ghosts were among the many trick-or-treaters who roamed the streets of my village on All Hallow’s Eve. As a youngster, I heard colorful tales about tiny elves and grumpy belsnickles who lived in the snowy woodlands surrounding my town.

I’ve been strongly influenced by legendary American folk artists such as Edward Hicks, Rufus Porter, and Grandma Moses, as well as 20th century decorative artists including Peter Ompir, Jo Sonja Jansen, and Peter Hunt.

I began painting in 2001, following the September 11 attack. At the time, I was an Air Force operations officer at Scott Air Force Base in Belleville, Illinois. I discovered painting helped me overcome the same sadness and stress my fellow Americans were experiencing at that time. I’ve had no formal art training, and my first attempts at creating folk art were woefully lacking.

Humor is a key element in most of my designs, and my greatest reward is seeing a smile when someone views one of my folk art pieces. If you see a design that makes you smile, please contact me to create a folk art piece for you. See more in Sharon’s Etsy shop.


Ravens Bend Folk Art daisy lamp shade
Hand painted lamp shade from Ravens Bend Folk Art.


Easter Folk Art Bowl
Ravens Bend Folk Art Bowl Painting.

Sharon has a wide variety of beautiful handmade lampshades, folk art wooden bowls , plates and so much more. She has something for every holiday and season. Be sure to go by Ravens Bend Folk Art and see all the handmade spring and Easter folk art.



Rainbow Artists Team
Rainbow Artists team special features..

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a beautiful spring!



Thunder Rose 


Thunder Rose Leather

Spring handmade art featuring The Hidden Meadow

Happy Morning friends ! Today I am going to be blogging for some members of our Etsy team Rainbow Artists. We have a small team of handmade artists , vintage shops  and suppliers . We have a wonderful variety of different gift ideas and diy project supplies on our team. To help with shopping with us you can go to our team page SHOPPERS GUIDE where all of our shops are shown in different categories for your convenience.



Today’s featured artist is Chris from THE HIDDEN MEADOW


Chris makes a beautiful variety of natural dream catchers , earrings , bracelets and necklaces.

Handmade jewelry from The Hidden Meadow


Natural dream catchers from The Hidden Meadow


From Chris

“God’s beautiful creation inspires me, I love all things Natural. Proud of my Lenape (Delaware) & German heritage. Loved drawing when I was growing up, made Native jewelry for myself when I was younger, then life happened….I met the most loving, supportive man who became my husband, we were blessed with 3 wonderful children that I school at home. My love for creating was rekindled after I came across some beautiful stone beads and branches, didn’t come across them at the same time but ideas were brewing…I love getting out in nature to explore and collect materials. Always liked dream catchers…knew that one day I would make them. I find joy in weaving a web, it’s very calming.”

Chris is a wonderful person and a good friend. I am so happy that our paths crossed. She is one of our team leaders and we are Grateful for all she does. Thanks so much Chris!


On Rainbow artists Etsy team  we have been sharing our spring colors. Spring is right around the corner and it’s in the air here in Arizona.

 I am going to finish the blog post off with some members of our team who have some beautiful spring colors to show you.

Spring colors in handmade art from Rainbow Artists.

Follow the link above to our team page shoppers guide list for featured art. Where you will find links to all these fine shops and more.

We are always adding to these pages so stay tuned for fun art coming up.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Debbie from

Thunder Rose

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Thunder Rose Leather

Thunder Rose Leather beads and leather supplies

Flutterbye Bead Supply

Flutterbye bead supply is one of my favorite bead suppliers. Janice has a lot of different kinds of beads and supplies to choose from in her awesome bead shop. You will also find good prices , good service and fast shipping. 

Flutterbye Bead Supply
Beautiful Czech Fire polish glass beads


From Janice :

“Flutterbyebeadsupply offers a unique, affordable selection of beads and jewelry-making supplies that won’t break your bead bank!

I’m an avid bead artist and started buying supplies in bulk to help keep my costs down. I know how important it is to have a nice variety of beads and supplies to work with, while also trying to stick to a budget. My goal with this new shop is to offer these beauties to fellow bead enthusiasts, while passing along the savings as well!

As the shop name implies, all inventory may come and go just as quickly as a fluttering butterfly on a hot summer day! So, please don’t hesitate to make your purchase now, items are not guaranteed to be restocked. ”

Thanks for stopping by,

To view some of my completed designs, you’re invited to visit my other shop at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Beadwork4Sale

Beadwork4Sale -By Janice.

Janice is a really wonderful beadwork artist. 

You should check out both of her Etsy shops.

Thanks for stopping in !

Love Light and Peace!

Debbie from Thunder Rose Leather


Rainbow Artists Valentine’s Day Gifts

Good Morning! Valentines day is coming soon and Rainbow Artists Team has some fantastic gift ideas for you to take a look at.

Blue Beaded Cuff from Beadwork4Sale

Janice is a fantastic bead work artist and has many beautiful beaded items to choose from in her shop.


Heart Dream catcher from Glowing Heart Studios

Deanna and Kent have a variety of beautiful gift ideas in their store. This is just one  of my favorites.

Lampwork Drop Earrings from Lilly Beads Designs

Kathi makes beautiful beaded Jewelry of all kinds.


Copper Earrings from Images by Kent Olinger

Kent’s work with copper is absolutely stunning!


Gourd Art from Speaks With Ancestors

Candy has beautiful gourd art work and medicine bags . There are many fantastic things to choose from in her shop.



KODAK Digital Still Camera
Purple fringed Medicine bag from Thunder Rose

This is from my shop. John and I have many gift ideas in our ready to ship section.


Here are  more special gifts for you to take a look at from Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy.  Click on the links and you will see all of these artists and it will be easy for you to find their shops.

Valentine’s Day Art


Valentines Day Art

Thanks so much for stopping in and taking a look at our gift ideas.

Have a beautiful day!

Debbie from Thunder Rose