Black and White

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This is a very creative and wonderful blog feature from Deanna ! I am so Grateful to be featured here with these awesome artists. Thanks so much Deanna! ❤ 🙂

Artist Fire Circle

If only life were as simple as black and white….

These two extremes of the color spectrum and every variation in between seem to be one of the ingredients of every artist. Today I am sharing a few from the Rainbow Artists Team

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Lilly Beads Designs


This handsome black leather wrap bracelet is made using faceted hematite beads, black leather, and antique silver morning flower button closure. To find out more about Kathi and how her shop evolved: About Lilly Beads Designs

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PTurnbull and Bishop


A native inspired black hair pipe choker with a black agate pendant. To find out more about Paula and how her shop evolved: About PTurnbull and Bishop

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Ginas Vintage Shop


Enjoy sipping your cappuccino with this vintage stoneware cup and saucer set! To find out more about Gina and how her shop evolved:

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Home for the Holidays

Rainbow Artists Team

It’s amazing how fast the holidays come back around. Before you know it we will be working on Thanksgiving dinner and then Christmas. On our Etsy team we are getting a head start with our holiday shopping promotion so everyone has plenty of time to get things done.  Today’s for our featured artists we have a mixed media selection of shops for you to check out.

Kathi Heale from Lilly Beads Designs has a wonderful assortment of beautiful jewelry. One of my favorites from Kathi’s shop is her leather wrap bracelets. Take a look…

Boho Ruby Zoisite Leather wrap bracelet

I really love the beautiful colors in this bracelet. This boho bracelet would be perfect for a bohemian gypsy friend . I really want you to see some more of Kathi’s work she has so many beautiful colors and styles of handmade jewelry in her shop.

A variety of handmade jewelry from Lilly Beads Designs.

As you can see there are many beautiful colors, styles and types of jewelry ranging from earrings, bracelets and awesome necklaces . When you go to Kathi’s shop you will see so much more. To read more about Kathi go here.


The next shop I would like to share with you is Candy from Speaks with Ancestors Candy has awesome gourd art, medicine bags , dream catchers and lots more. Her style is very native and you can tell she loves what she does.

Wolf gourd art

Wolves are very special in a lot of peoples lives. As you can see there is a lot of work that went into this amazing  piece.

To show you the intricate detail of this amazing gourd art that Candy has done I am now showing you the other sides of this piece.  It is absolutely stunning. To read more about Speaks With Ancestors shop go here.


To mix things up a bit now I would like to show you a fantastic Vintage shop. Gina from  Gina’s Vintage Shop is stuffed with collectibles, educational books, electronics, bar-ware, glassware, tea cups, coffee cups, blankets, rugs, dolls, figurines, doll furniture, accessory and travel cases, bake-ware and so much more. Her shop is always changing so it is important to go by often to see what else she has found.

I noticed that in Gina’s Vintage Shop she has a whole section of Holiday collectibles. How cool is that? So many of the items you find there remind me of Mom and Dad’s house and all the cool cherry holidays items that came out for the special time of year. Take a look

Santa’s House

This is a vintage lighted porcelain Santa’s house for the Kringle Town series made by Prettque Inc. to be used as a train accessory or in a holiday display.

Now that I am a Grandma I think the children would really think this is fun. I would put it up right next to the Christmas tree on a special table full of Christmas fun .

Now take a look at all the cute items you could decorate your home with. When the family comes by and you have a awesome meal all cooked up you could decorate your table and serve with these special holiday home for the holiday’s decor.

Home Decor for the Holidays.

To read more about Gina’s Vintage shop go here.


Next I would like to show you a really awesome shop full of cool supplies . For those of you who love to create your own gifts Paula from PTurnbulland Bishop has a lot of awesome things to choose from. Not only does she have supplies but she has many ready made things all made up for you. Take a look…..

Beaded Medicine Bag.

Paula has an assortment of beaded medicine bags that she makes. What a great gift one of these would be for someone special in your life to keep there medicines in .

There are so many really cool items in this shop that it’s hard to choose what to post.🙂

So I am gonna go with another one of my favorites.

Bone bead supplies

Beautiful bone beads. You know how I love beads! Check out these beauties. This is only a very small selection of what Paula has in her shop. To read more about Paula’s shop go here.

These are some amazing shops. Click on the pictures and the links to visit each of these shops.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Have a beautiful , peaceful day!



Thunder Rose Leather

Blue Water Vibe

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A beautiful blog post from Deanna at Glowing Heart Studios on Etsy. This blog post features some fantastic artists from Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy. Thanks Deanna! Love it!🙂 ❤

Artist Fire Circle

These artist really spoke to me with the hues of blue, and the relevancy to the waters. It seems they are conveying a message to us, expressing their creative ideas in such profound ways. Each unique, and with a vision to share with our world. Here is our sharing this week from the Rainbow Artists Team

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Gilly Thomas Sculpture

il_570xN.859883487_74zl.jpgBlue Splash STONE TIDE

To find out more about Gillian’s shop and her process visit: About This Shop

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Tobisias Lil Thing

il_570xn-699071132_seeySeaside Blue Jewelry Set

To find out more about Monika and her shop process visit: About This Shop

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Christina Goldstein

il_570xN.1036014668_83d2.jpg11by14 Acrylic Waterfalls on Flat Canvas

To find out more about Christina and her shop process visit: About This Shop

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Images by Kent Olinger

il_570xn-621367640_fqekWhale Tail Earrings

To find out more about Kent and his shop process…

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Deep in thought > Handmade Art

Life Sketch > Deep in thought

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I have some very special handmade art to show you today from Rainbow Artists Team. Last night was the Harvest full moon in  Aries and as  I  watched Grandmother moon rise I thought of how wonderful it is to be able to see the beauty in simple things or anything that makes you slow down and take a look. Very Grateful for that!

I am going to start off with this beautiful sculpture from Gilly  at

Gilly Thomas Sculpture

Life Sketch > Deep in thought

A beautiful handmade sculpture that really spoke to me.  How many of us have these moments in time where we sit contemplating our lives and where we are at the time we are in. This beautiful sculpture reminds me of those moments in my own life. I feel it would be a beautiful piece for your living room or a special meditation room. Somewhere you can remember to take the time to always reflect.


Meet Gilly

Have come to sculpture rather late in life and am thoroughly enjoying it! Wasn’t allowed to go to Art school in the late 60’s so I eventually took myself back to college aged 50 – go and sign up as a Mature Student it’s great.

So now I have a studio/workshop next to my home and have turned a spare stable into a Gallery (there’s posh) and of course I keep creating and filling my little Gallery with bronzes and smaller pieces and exhibiting locally and in Dublin.

What I would like to do is give you more details of how the different pieces are made and the thinking/creating behind them.  Read more


The next artist I would like to share with you is Monika from

Tobisia’s Lil Thing

Heart Pendant necklace

I chose this beautiful heart pendant with an amethyst stone in it because I love hearts and amethyst. Hearts have long been an inspiration for me .  Heart jewelry, heart shaped rocks hearts of all kinds symbolize for me, heart strength , compassion , love, peace and comfort. Spiritual meaning that is heartfelt and real. This would be a great gift for someone you love deeply.


Meet Monika

I always liked nice things – paintings, photos, jewellery etc. I love history, nature and sightseeing which can and is very inspirational.

Few years ago – about 2-3 years after my coming to England – I decided to make my first card – Namesday card for my Dad, this first one was silly looking one but my Dad loved it and that’s how I started with my new hobby.
First jewelery piece I made for my Mum – necklace and bracelet with tiger-eye beads – she still loves to wear it. Read more


Now let me show you Kent’s beautiful art

Images by Kent Olinger

Zuni Bear Totem Earrings

These Zuni Bear totem earrings are so stunning and have so much heart. Do you see the heart in the center of the bear?  The bear symbolizes strength and power from within. I love bear medicine . I feel there is so much that can be learned from this magnificent animal if we only take a look. I have dreams about bears a lot and have learned to pay attention to those dreams when they show up. So I picked these special bear totem earrings from Kent’s  Etsy shop. If you know someone who loves bears these would make an awesome handmade gift this holiday season.


Meet Kent

I started metal smithing as a hobby approximately 20 years ago. In the mid-90’s, I left a full time position as an instructor in the Paramedic Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta to pursue metal smithing full time and have since developed my hobby into a successful small business. I relocated from Edmonton to Gabriola Island, BC in 1998 where I produced and sold my jewelry from my home-based studio/gallery and became an active member of the community Arts Council. In 2006, I relocated to Chemainus on Vancouver Island, BC and continue to produce my jewelry to date from my home-based studio/workshop as well as participate in local artist events. Read more


Now for the beautiful handmade art from

Christina Goldstein

Peacock Painting

I have always been fascinated with peacocks. The powerful display of feathers that the male shows during courtship is just stunning. Christina has captured this in this beautiful painting. Do you see the full moon in the background? How beautiful!  What an awesome gift  this would be!

Meet Christina

I originally started this adventure a couple of years ago when I realized that I loved crocheting, so I decided “Why not?” Sometimes life has a way of sending you down a different path and it is at this point in time that I take it.

Due to spinal cord injuries, my hands no longer wish to cooperate with a hook and yarn. Instead I am finding a new value in just being able to sit down and paint. Some days it is extremely difficult and painful and some days I can paint more care free, but each time it is enjoyable and always a journey. It is about overcoming and persevering, and I hope to inspire others even in a small way to just keep going. Read More


This is it for this week ! If you would like to visit these four different stores please follow the links below the pictures and in red.

Thanks so much for taking a look !

Have a beautiful week!



Thunder Rose Leather

Kaleidoscope of Creativity

Deanna created a beautiful blog feature for several artists here. We are so happy and honored to be one of the featured artists! Thanks so much Deanna!

Artist Fire Circle

Art is such a great enabler of opening us up to each other and a way to connect with other like minded people. We feel so much gratitude for the Rainbow Artists Team members and today we are here to share the creative expressions of this weeks featured shops below.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

All About the Buttons

il_570xn-1046187962_8icpClick on the picture for more information on this beautiful deep red cowl embellished with floral wood buttons

Barbara has a shop full of tape measures, yarn wear, clocks, pins, and more ~ mostly embellished with buttons! To find out more about Barbara and her shop  read here

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Soulful Stuff


Click on the picture to view this beautiful Ethiopian Bar Bracelet ~ handcrafted with soft yellow opals and set with sterling silver

Karynlee’s shop has so many creations and images designed to inspire, communicate, and honor the stories of…

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Rainbow in Handmade Art


I love the weekend! This week on Rainbow Artists Team we have started our holiday promotion that is going on from now until the middle of December. Many of us used Etsy treasuries to promote our fellow artists but we don’t really have that option now. So my team and I have come together to promote through blogs and social media. We have so many  fantastic handmade artists , vintage sellers and supply shops for your craft projects. We are going to do our best to include a variety of beautiful gift ideas to you over the next couple of months. You can also visit our team shoppers guide and see a wide variety of  gift ideas from our Rainbow Artists Team members.

Take a kook at this weeks gift ideas from these fine artists.

LaBella Terra

Southwestern Wall Sculpture > Gourd Art

Our friend Ann created this beautiful Southwestern , home decor wall art. I love this unique piece of gourd art. The red terra cotta leather in the center with the turquoise really brings this piece together and makes it stand out. A very one of a kind  wall art decor.

Meet Ann

I have been an artist – in one form or another – all my life………..I am fascinated with the process of bringing imagination to form.

To me magic is everywhere……. the earth, the trees, the rocks, all of earth’s creatures, the sky, the stars……everywhere. My art honors the magical and mystical that connect us……………….with a dash of whimsy and humor!

My shop name, La Bella Terra, is Italian for “the beautiful earth”. read more here


Soulful Stuff

Orange and purple Magnesite earrings

Our friend Karynlee made these beautiful orange and purple Magnesite  earrings. They are perfect for fall. What a great gift idea for the Holiday season!

Meet Karynlee

Soulful Stuff is inspired by my deep passion for nature and the One who created it all. Nature communicates and touches our souls through sights, sounds, colors, scents, textures, and all sorts of sensory experiences. As I observe all of the beauty around me, I am inspired to create. Quilting has been a passion since childhood, but I enjoy a broad spectrum of materials and mediums to communicate. I recently have re-discovered a love for wood carving and burning which helps share the Cherokee language. I love creating native style jewelry with all sorts of beautiful gemstones and woods I carve. My Cherokee heritage deeply influences my work in many aspects.

I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and four great children.

read more here


Glowing Heart Studios

Golden yellow mandala necklace

A beautiful beaded mandala necklace from our friends Deanna and Kent shop. At Glowing Heart Studios you will find some really awesome handmade beaded jewelry wood art and dream catchers.

Meet Deanna and Kent

We are peaceful warriors that enjoy creating natural dream catchers and handmade jewelry that are both empowering and spiritual. Weaving the songs of nature into our rustic and inspirational art. It seems to encode information that sometimes is lost to us. For us, crafting is a meditation, an offering, and a remembrance of times past. We are grateful to share with you.
Peace & Blessings….Deanna + Kent  read more here


All About The Buttons

Blue green Cowl

A beautiful blue green cowl made by our friend Barbara. So very stunning and look at those buttons! At All About the Buttons you will find a variety of handmade art.

Meet Barbra

I have always indulged in creative outlets-needlepoint,knitting,sewing and more. I love to keep busy,look back and feel the great satisfaction upon seeing a completed item. Of course, some have bombed, but we don’t talk about those!
Please feel free to go through my feedback. I am very proud of everyone’s satisfaction. The theme running through them all is “Even better in person”. Buying online is always a leap of faith but I have proven you will be happy with your button purchase.
I love custom requests especially for the tape measures. Please contact me with your thoughts and we’ll see what we can work out together.
Hope you enjoy my buttons! read more here


I would like to thank everyone for stopping in to check out our latest blog post and these wonderful handmade artists!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Peace and love!

Debbie from Thunder Rose

Red From Rainbow Artists Part One

Speaks With Ancestors
Red Bear Kachina

It’s a new fall day and everything is changing and moving. This last full moon seemed to bring about a lot of changes everywhere. It was just about as beautiful as it could be. The moon rising coming up behind the mountains where I live is one of the most fantastic beautiful majestic view one can see.

Since we are on into fall we will be sharing some fall colors and darker bright and bold colors in handmade, supplies and vintage. We are also gonna be getting ready of course for the holiday’s coming before you even know whats going on. Today I am going to start with the color red in handmade.

Speaks with Ancestors

Speaks With Ancestors Red Bear Kachina

Check out this fantastic red bear totem on this gourd  by Speaks with Ancestors. This  artwork would make a great decoration for a home that loves native artwork. If you go to this listing Candy describes how this beautiful piece came to be handmade just for you.

Red Bear Kachina


Glowing Heart Studios

Glowing Heart Studios > Red Dream Catcher

This beautiful red dream catcher with a heart center is perfect for you home this fall. Do you have friend who needs a dream catcher . You should go by Deanna and Kent’s shop and check out all the beautiful handmade dream catchers and so much more that they have.

Red Dream Catcher


To see more in red go here

curated by Rainbow Artists on Etsy5
Thanks for stopping by!
Debbie from
Red Leather Bag Thunder Rose Leather

Interview with Erik from Sacred Hoops Jewelry

I’m a member of an active and vibrant Etsy team called Rainbow Artists. Members of the team are from all over the world and sell all sorts of items. I’d like to know more about the places where they live in because they all sound very exotic to me! I’d like to know more about the places that they work in, and why they make the things that they do. And most of all, I’d like to get to know the people behind the shops🙂

My name is Michelle and I’m from the Etsy shop Atman Art Studio. I’ve been be interviewing a number of teamies in recent months. This week we’ll have a chat with Erik who makes intricate and unique beaded necklaces, as well as upcycled wooden boxes, that he sells from his shop Scared Hoop Jewelry.

Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

Thank you for choosing me to be the featured artist. I came back to Iowa from Texas in 2005 after spending 28 years down south. It was in my hometown of Cedar Rapids that I remembered my childhood vision to build Snake Loomed jewelry.

Iowa could be the worlds largest cornfield with rolling hills and meandering river valleys. Cedar Rapids is a small city with roots in the food industry. I enjoy the scents coming from Quaker Oats in the middle of winter when everything including the river is frozen over and covered in shimmering white snow.

Where do you make the jewellery that you sell?

I build my Snake Loomed projects in my home which I share with my daughter who is my favorite model. For me Snake Looming is far more than a hobby. It is my job and my main form of therapy. The most difficult part is getting a project started. There are so many decisions to make such as what colors to blend and what patterns to build and the style of jewelry I want to make next. After my strings are cut, tied and needled up the fun begins.

I can sit for short amounts of time throughout the days and string beads while I enjoy rock and country music or the calming sounds of various native musicians from around the globe.


What do you like most about making jewellery?

For me the biggest thrill in my craft is seeing the excitement on peoples faces when they discover my work especially if they are lucky enough to become the owner of a piece. I like the WOWs I get when folks realize the effort that goes into string hundreds of beads into the intricate patterns I have developed over my years of dedication to this technique.


What is the most difficult part of making jewellery?

The patterns which are the most difficult have the six colors of the rainbow. The Rhythmic Rainbow necklaces I have created came out of my head early on in my career as a bead artist. It takes 72 rows of beads before the pattern recycles. The most difficult pattern takes only 12 rows to start over but it took me 2 1/2 years of thought before I could imagine exactly how to accomplish it. It is the Ultimate Weave pattern with the primary colors spiraling in one direction and the secondary colors spiraling in the opposite direction. At the same time the colors appear to weave around each other creating a tubular net of rainbow bliss. Doing my beading projects with the colors of the rainbow is more of a challenge to me because of the complexities of working with so many colors.


What do you like most about having an etsy shop?

My shop on Etsy allows me the freedom to create and not have to deal with the crowds of people and noise in the market place here in Cedar Rapids. Etsy gets me out in front of the world and away from this small city where I can attract a global following of diversified admirers. I love to see and sometimes buy the work of other artists and designers I encounter on Etsy. I like the way teams of Etsyans work together to promote each others products so we may all reach a greater number of folks and get more views from around our world.


Could you share one item from shop that you are most proud of making?

I have another creative passion. During the warmer months of the year I like to get outside and use shop tools to create little keepsake boxes out of various woods that I pick up from freshly fallen trees in the area. By trade I am an ironworker but I found much spirituality in taking natural materials of the forest and listening to the songs they sing as I run them through my saws. I love to put my hands on a piece of scrap lumber and turn it into a beautiful display of craftsmanship.


I love the description in your etsy profile:

“In third grade on beading day in art class the Goddesses showed me a vision about a method of stringing tiny beads into patterned ropes. Thirty years later I became disabled but needed a way to fill part of the day creatively so I remembered a skill I thought of in the past and put it into practice. My first Sacred Hoop was made with multiple patterns in the colors of the rainbow. I named it Man Made Rainbows For An Angel and I gave it to my Mom. From there it was on to figuring out over 30 patterns in different styles and any range of colors. I call my method Snake Looming. My system is different than bead crochet.”

Could you tell us why you called the method Snake Looming?

Snake Looming came about because of the way beads lay similarly to the the scales on a snake’s back. I had a Native American friend over at my house one day while I was stringing beads. He told me he also had the passion to string beads and was amazed at the simplicity of my technique which he had never seen done before. He described the technique as looming and so many people have told me that my work is very snake like so the two words stuck and the world has a new product and design for building it.


It seems that you are a very good fit for the Rainbow artists team because you are often making jewellery that is rainbow colours🙂 Such as this piece here:


It is so carefully made and the pattern is beautiful. Could you tell us more about what rainbows mean to you?

For me the rainbow represents the magical renewal of life after a cleansing rain has passed over the Earth to replenish much needed moisture in all life forms. It is a sacred sign from the Creator that She is still with us and She is impressed enough to rejuvenate our life forces.

You say that you like to listen to music while you bead. What is your favourite song or musician to listen to at the moment?

I usually have the radio on or a cd playing as I work on beading projects. I like rock n roll sometimes and listen to the songs of Ozzy and Van Halen mostly. When I’m in the mood for radio my favorite country band, the Dixie Chicks, are always welcome. There are times when I need to hear something soothing and easy to listen to. I’m drawn to Native music such as Brule more often and find them on the internet at


You say that it takes a long time to make each piece. Could you estimate how many hours it takes?

I have days when I’m totally into a beading project and can sit in small shifts for most of a day singing along with the tunes and stringing beads. On such days I can build a Snake Loomed project at the rate of 1 inch per hour so a 15 inch necklace would take about 16 hours from start to finish.

You have a lovely, evocative way with words. They way that you describe the world is very mystical. Can you tell me what the complexity and difficulty of stringing beads in these patterns has taught you about the nature of what you call ‘The Creator’?

When I’m in my zone it’s my turn to be the creator. I have the power to transform a block of wood into a simple little dug out box and the patience to string tiny beads into complex patterns of beautiful colors. I cannot create life. I leave that task to the masters of the universe and the sacred feminine found in many species of the Earth. So, I create works of art for the ladies to enhance their naturally beautiful selves.


Rainbow Artist’s Harvest Moon Energy

Beautiful fall journal pocket notebook

Rainbow Artist’s Team ….what does that mean? ……Well to me it’s about a global community of artists from all over the world coming together  to share in the experience of being artists of all flavors , designs, walks of life and mediums.  What I have experienced myself is we all wear many hats. There is so much more to having an online business then just setting up a store and starting to sell. It’s a pretty deep experience when you get real about selling. For us Etsy has been a really amazing place to sell. We have made so many friends in the community and have had great experience’s with beautiful customers. Everyday is a different experience. You can rest assured when you wake up in the morning you never know who you will drop in to say hi.

 I am Grateful I started this team where we can come together and share in all this. Just like business days you never know who might drop by and say hi. We welcome new faces into our circle. Make yourself known so we can get to know you. Let us be friends and walk together down the path.

Tonight on this Harvest moon I would like to share Carola Bartz handmade shop with you. I love Carola’s amazing shop it is filled with many different beautiful handmade art pieces. One of my many favorites are her journals and pocket notebooks. What a great idea to always have a beautiful inspiring notebook by your side for when those moments of inspiration come by to visit. You have a place to make a note right here in this beautiful fall notebook.

Beautiful fall journal pocket notebook from Carola Bartz

A treasury from Rainbow Artists Team. Click on any picture and walla you will see be at the home place of the item.

‘Rainbow Artists Harvest Moon Energy’ by thunderrose

We are a global community of artists from all over the world coming together to share in the experience of being artists of all flavors , designs, walks of life and mediums. Blessings to you on this Harvest Moon!

Small Pumpkins Mini Journal …


Orange and Green Pumpkin Dan…


Native American Style Rosett…


SUMMERSALE25 Vintage Silver …


Sweet Owl – Bead Embroidery …


Beaded Bull Skull Necklace w…


Purple Utensil Holder, Porce…


Purple Skull, Butterfly, Bea…


Handmade Jewelry, Pearl Ankl…


Baby 6 months/1T Ice Blue D…


Carnelian Earrings – Vintage…


Flowering Tube Onyx Pendant …


Joy and Prosperity Necklace …


Grape Juice Fun Wall Art Abs…


Men’s Bracelet, Mens Bra…


moose jewelry, moose brooch,…


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Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a beautiful full moon , harvest moon night!

Blessing to all!

Debbie from Thunder Rose 

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Beaded white clutch