Gina’s Vintage Shop

Welcome to a wonderful Friday Evening! It’s been a week of sewing, beading , sorting beads and of course listing , picture taking  works in progress and much more. I finally got all my beads sorted out today.

In Arizona it is also time to get gardens ready. It is so warm here.

This week our shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy is

Gina from Gina’s Vintage

Congratulations Gina!


Vintage Compote Dish with Lid

Meet Gina

A Lesson in History…A Lesson in Business

If you sit still long enough you can hear the story behind each and every vintage and antique item, even if the story is simply an imaginary tale. Vintage and antique holds our history, our hearts and our memories.

An antique in a technical term means any thing that is 100 years old. However, the dictionary defines antique as an objet that is “belonging to, made in, or typical of an earlier period”. The dictionary also defines this term as an “object having special value because of it’s age, especially a domestic item or piece of furniture or handcraft esteemed for it’s artistry, beauty, or period of origin. Over time the word antique has been used to describe an item 50 years old or older. Others have used this term to define it by generation. For example 80 years would equal 2 generations, making that item an antique. In my shop, I list any item prior to the 60’s as an antique. Read more here .

Gina has a wide variety of vintage items to choose from in her Etsy Shop.

Gina’s Vintage


Now for this weeks treasury that is honoring Gina and 15 other artists who participated in last weeks shop of the week. Thanks everyone !

‘Gina’s Vintage Shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Gina from Gina’s Vintage Shop Rainbow Artists Team shop of the week! Come by and share in the fun of sharing the love !Have a great week!Many blessings!

Pedestal Compote Dish–Antiq…


Ear Cuffs – Swarovski Crysta…


Native American Style Blue f…


Chrysocolla Pendant – Malac…


Fairy house, forest mage hom…


Cool Transition : Green Blue…


RESERVED for Face, Bone chok…


Wedgwood Vintage Williamsbur…


Butterfly Totem Gourd Rattle…


Handmade torched flame paint…


Hand carved feather – aromat…


Rose Quartz Butterfly Earrin…


Red Shouldered Hawk Photo Gr…


Handmade leather celtic note…


Red silver earrings, long ea…


Christmas Holiday Dress Orna…


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Have a beautiful week!



Thunder Rose Leather

100_8095 (683x1024)
Fringed medicine bag with wolf paw  totem

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