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Oh thank goodness for Fridays! It has been a long week but filled with many good things!

This week it’s captains choice on Rainbow Artists Team for our shop of the week. So I choose one of our leaders who works hard in the background of the team on social media sharing and promoting. She has some really beautiful , colorful jewelry in her shop. She has beaded jewelry, leather wrap bracelets, beaded necklaces , handmade earrings and so much more.

Congratulations to

Kathi Demerat


Lilly Beads Designs

Blue and Gold Beaded Necklace

A beautiful blue and gold necklace done in number 6 seed beads and features a lampwork pendant. The handmade necklace also features an antique Sliber clasp and an antique silver plated pewter Gita elephant charm.

Meet Kathi

After working for 30 yrs, I decided to become a stay-at-home wife. But that quickly got boring, so I learned how to make jewelry, and it has quickly become my passion. I love to learn other styles so I can make different things for YOU!

If you have some ideas of what you are looking for in a new piece of jewelry, I am happy to work with you to make something uniquely YOU. If you see something you like, but would like a different color, I’ll be do my best to give you the colors you want. I will use gift boxes and bubble wrap to ship, in bubble wrap envelopes. I take great care in shipping. To see more go here.


Now for our weekly treasury feature.

‘Lilly Beads Designs Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Kathi from Lilly Beads Designs our shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team. Thanks for all your hard work on the team!Enjoy the treasury !Thanks to everyone who comes by and shares the love!Happy weekend!

Silver Woodland Faerie with …


Peach Crocheted Baby Dress a…


Vintage style birthday card …


Abalone Bracelet Paua Shell …


Turquoise Picasso Peyote Bea…


Wire Wrapped Oyster Shell Pe…


Sunlight Through the Leaves …


crow necklace, crow pendant,…


Cage Doll, Cage Santo, 5×7 P…


White Sands Photo Mixed Medi…


Wolf Totem Spirit Person Han…


SALE Leather and Suede Fring…


Puff Heart Patchwork Pin FRE…


Flower Leaf Statement Neckla…


Blue Dream Catcher – river s…


Hope Word Beads, Inspiration…


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Blessings from

Thunder Rose Leather

Beaded Wolf paw clutch


Krafty Granny’s Home Featured Artist

Good morning friends! It’s a beautiful Sunday  and all is well here in Arizona!

We have an awesome featured artist this week.

Theresa Holland


Krafty Granny’s Home.


Meet Theresa

I learned to sew at the age of 12, the projects were not fun nor were they anything I wanted to wear, we didn’t get choices. That summer I took a sewing class at the local high school and everything changed for me I had a great teacher and got to make things I wanted to wear. I will always be grateful to that teacher for teaching me something I would continue to do all of my life.

My mother was a talented woman who could crochet, do embroidery and cross stitch. I loved embroidery and cross stitch but couldn’t figure out crocheting until my sister had the time to show me, I made a lot of granny squares and quickly got very tired of them so I started challenging myself to make different and harder items. I made a crocheted musical carousel that I entered into Alaska’s Fur Rondy craft show, it won the Grand Prize for crocheted items. To see more go here.

Theresa has so many awesome items in her Etsy shop. Baby clothes, pillows, dish cloths, bags and phone cases. She has beautiful hats, and quilts. What a wonderful shop to check out.

For all you football fans check out these adorable football baby outfits!


So fun! I love this shop!

Krafty Granny’s Home


Now for our Rainbow Artist’s Team treasury !


‘Krafty Granny’s Home Featured Artist’ by thunderrose

This week we are celebrating Krafty Granny’s Home our featured Artist this week on Rainbow Artists Team. Come by and enjoy the fun as we promote this awesome shop.Happy Sunday Everyone! 🙂

Crocheted Baby Hat, Mittens …


Healing Waters – Original WA…


Kingman Turquoise Pendant – …


Lock brown and green earring…


Lapis Earrings Blue Gemstone…


Lampwork Glass Wavy Pendant,…


Sterling Silver Ear Cuff, Ca…


flame painted copper, dragon…


Porcupine Totem Gourd Rattle…


Wooden Turtle dream catcher …


Sanddollar and Sea Shells Mi…


Huichol Indian Inspired, Bea…


Tree of Life Pendant (24n): …


Vision Oracle Rainbow Fluori…


Silver Woodland Faerie with …


Original art – Unique decor …


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Thunder Rose Leather

100_8202 (683x1024)

Featured Artist Linda Henry’s Art

It’s a very windy Friday evening here in Arizona. The day’s have been beautiful. I am hoping for some rain. I have a new project this spring. I am putting in a container garden in my front yard. Right now we are working on the fence. It’s a work in progress. It’s always nice to create something new. Watching it grow from this to that. Anyway………

 We have a new featured Artist on Rainbow Artists Etsy Team.

Linda Henry


Linda Henry Art

Linda’s art is absolutely stunning.



Meet Linda


A Celebration of Life and Color!

“The brush stroke at the moment of contact carries inevitably the exact state of being of the artist at that exact moment into the work, and there it is, to be seen and read by those who can read such signs, and to be read later by the artist himself, with perhaps some surprise, as a revelation of himself.” ~ Robert Henri ~

I love this quote by Robert Henri! I think that there is magic in a watercolor. Each one of these painting is a little jewel that captures the mood and the atmosphere of a moment and suspends that moment in time forever. Perhaps it is because watercolor is such a responsive and evocative medium. Each painting is a dance between myself, the paint, the paper and the subject. It is an exhilarating experience!

I hope you enjoy these enchanting little watercolors. These magical miniature paintings invite you to linger for a moment in another place and time. Step into a world of wonder. Purchase a painting today.

To see more go here


This week I am happy to say we had some extra people join us. Here are some of our team members who participated in the featured artist of the week . This is a etsy treasury. If you see something you like you can just click on the item and it will take you there.

‘Featured Artist Linda Henry’s Art’ by thunderrose

TGIF friends ! Our new featured artist is Linda Henry’s Art. A wonderful artist with colorful cards and paintings! Congratulations Linda!Enjoy! Blessings! Love Rainbow Artist’sTeam!

Iris Flowers – Set of 6 NOTE…


Pink dangle earrings, pink/p…


Digital Papers-Nature, Flowe…


Rhodonite Pendant – Sterling…


Turtle Spirit Vessel Gourd V…


4mm Glass Beads, 50 Pcs. IRI…


Sterling Silver Dangle Earri…


Hummingbird Ornament Suncatc…


Fire on the Mountain Czech G…


Purple owl Nursery wall art,…


Hand Knitted Socks for Women…


Abalone Bracelet Paua Shell …


Quilted Wall Hanging – Hummi…


Bone Hairpipe Choker, White …


Cookie Jar – JMP Galleria Co…


Traditional style dentalium …


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Thunder Rose Leather

100_8411 (683x1024)
Purple Dragonfly Bag

Interview with Catherine from Tribal Handmade

I’m a member of a particularly vibrant and active etsy team called ‘Rainbow artists’. Rainbow artist’s hail from all corners of the globe and make all sorts of items.

I’m curious to know more about the people behind the shops in the ‘Rainbow artists’. I’d like to know more about the places where they live (they all seem very exotic to me), the places that they work in, and why they make the things that they do. I’ll be interviewing a number of teamies over the coming months…

The second person I’ve interviewed is Catherine from the Ukraine. She runs a shop called Tribal Handmade that sells a variety of handmade items inspired by her tribal belly dancing practice.

Emma: Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

Catherine: I live in beautiful city Lviv in western Ukraine. I’m 27 and have live here all my life. I enjoy it. Lviv is one of the favorite cities for tourists to visit. It was found in 1256 and has been part of numerous states and empires since then – including Poland, Austrian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. Then it was part of the short-lived West Ukrainian People’s Republic, then Poland again and then Soviet Union. And each one of them has left a trace in the architectural, cultural and national variety.

I like to travel and see different cities and countries, but I love to go back home every time.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: Can you describe the landscape of the place where you live?

Catherine: I live on the street with lots of Austrian and Polish villas around me, mixed with modern houses. Some of the old buildings were ruined during World War II. Lviv is very green, people here love gardening. One traveler said: “I saw parks in the city, but never a city in the park.”

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: What do you like most about where you live?

Catherine: It’s authentic beauty. Lviv is famous with its architectural heritage. The central part and some old streets are a must see. If you ever been to Prague, Lviv is very similar, but has its own spirit.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: What do you like least about where you live?

Catherine: I hate sudden weather changes. Sunny pleasant weather can swiftly turn into a storm or other way around.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: Where do you make the items that you sell?

Catherine: I’m on my maternity leave now, so I work at home. I like making all of my houses and miniatures but hand. I usually don’t have plan or sketch of what I’m going to make, everything is made on wave of inspiration. I wake up, I see it in my head and just do it. Details are coming to me in progress.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: Tell me about the fairy houses that you sell on etsy. How did you come to start making fairy houses?

Catherine: It all started from a Valentine’s gift that my husband made for me. He decided to make a replica of little baby Groot from movie “Guardians of the galaxy”. There were some leftovers of clay, and I wanted to make some beads for my dance costume. In progress I realized that clay is very pleasant to work with and wanted to make something bigger than just beads. The idea of houses came itself. I still think that the first one was the best of all. I always try to grow, use different tools and techniques.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: What do you like most about working with polymer clay to make the fairy houses?

Catherine: Clay is very flexible. You can create any shape or texture or material that you want – wood, bone, stone, leather, metal. This is what I like the most about working with polymer clay.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: What is the hardest part about making the fairy houses with polymer clay?

Catherine: The hardest, as in murder, is not to leave fingerprints 🙂 I hate working with gloves. I can’t feel the clay when I’m wearing them. So it takes a lot of time smoothing or texturing the surface. Also I usually don’t have a sketch and think of the details during the process, so I can accidentally smash something tiny while adding details to already existing design.

Emma: What is your favorite tool, piece of equipment, or material to work with?

Catherine: I love everything about it otherwise I wouldn’t do it. Metal tools, wooden sticks and soft pastels paints help me to achieve required result.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: If I could choose to have any item in your shop it would be these ‘Tribal Fluorescent Earrings’. Can you tell me what inspired you to make them and tell me where you’d wear them in the Ukraine? I personally would be wearing them to clubs, festivals, events and parties!!

Catherine: I drew few ornaments long before those earrings appear. I was just waiting for inspiration for the shape to apply them onto. So one day it just came to me – “Hey, triangles with chains!” Then I drew it, liked what I saw and just made them.

All of the jewelry I make can be worn every day with the appropriate outfit. So I don’t think of any boundaries. But if you really think about, probably they are more appropriate for parties, then business meetings 🙂

Emma: Ha! Yeah I guess it would be fun to wear them to work 🙂

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: Can you tell me a bit about your tribal belly dancing and how that inspires your hand-made items?

Catherine: Tribal began as a system of dance improvisation. It was created by Carolena Nericcio and is also known as American Tribal Style (ATS). They have amazing costumes! Concept is pretty similar to all of them  – huge 2 layered skirt, Rajasthan choli, bra with coins and chains, colorful hip scarves, mostly hand-crocheted, lots of flowers in hair, beaded medallions on a belt and lots and lots of antique bracelets, huge earrings and necklaces. As you can see field for inspiration here is endless.

Our local dance collective is called ‘Drakaris Lviv Tribal Clan’ and mostly we dance ‘Tribal Fusion’. This is another subcategory of tribal belly dance – here the dancer can mix and match style and elements of her favorite dance styles with ATS basics. Creating costumes for tribal fusion is a bit of a challenge because here you can make really anything almost without limits!

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: What are you working on making at the moment?

Catherine: In the last two weeks I finally finished my cross stitching project – Celtic Dragon. I worked on it for a long time and I’m happy finally to hang it on my wall.

Tribal Handmade –

Emma: Wow, Catherine, that’s a lot of work. Congratulations on finishing it. Thanks for giving us an insight into your life in Lviv and the process of how you make your shop items!

Tobisia’s Lil Thing Shop of the week

Good Morning and welcome to April! What a awesome month ! Spring is kicking in, the hummingbirds and butterflies are showing up, people are out in their gardens and all is good.

This week on Rainbow Artists Etsy Team we are celebrating our shop of the week




Monika has a variety of beautiful handmade jewelry and handmade cards in her Etsy shop.


I love these  long copper earrings made with silk/fabric in yellow-orange-green colors.

These boho  / hippie / gypsy style earrings  are stunning!

Meet Monika

I always liked nice things – paintings, photos, jewellery etc. I love history, nature and sightseeing which can and is very inspirational.

Few years ago I decided to make my first card – namesday card for my Dad, this first one was silly looking one but my Dad loved it and that’s how I started with my new hobby.
First jewellery piece I made for my Mum – necklace and bracelet with tiger-eye beads – she still loves to wear it.

Then was playing with papers, colours, feathers, buttons, beads, wires etc, friends and neighbours saw most of my creations and they told me that I should sell them cause they looks very nice.
I thought a lot about it, then my card was printed in crafting magazine and decision was made – I’ll try to sell my creations and here I am.

Maybe this is short story, but I never was good with long stories and I hope you forgive me this.

Welcome in my little shop, don’t rush, take your time, maybe you’ll find something you like, I’m also open for custom orders, so if you like something in my shop, but you want different color or size or something personal added send me a message . To see more go here.


‘Tobisia’s Lil Thing Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Rainbow Artists Team is celebrating Monika from Tobisia’s Lil Thing our new shop of the week! Congratulations !A big heartfelt gratitude for everyone who shares the love and kindness of sharing! Blessing to you all!Have a beautiful April!

Green Angel earrings, copper…


Mother’s Ring with 3 Bir…


Wire Wrapped Oyster Shell Pe…


Tree Of Life Rattle Gourd Ra…


Necklace and Earring Set,Car…


Frida Kahlo Art Print, 4×6 P…


Turtle Earrings, Turquoise T…


Cool Transition : Green Blue…


Boston Scallop Salad Bowl–H…


Green and Pink Quilted Potho…


Kunst-Palettte Bavaria Regni…


Leather Beaded Cuff Bracelet…


Mother’s Day Card in Tur…


green bone hair pipe earring…


Women’s 6 Strand Orange …


Gold Hand Knit Shawl, Mohair…


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Thank you so much everyone!




Thunder Rose Leather


Interview with Debbie from Thunderrose

I opened my etsy shop 4 months ago and found myself in an unexpected new world. One of the things that I had no idea that existed within the etsy world was etsy “teams”. Etsy teams are groups of sellers that support one another within a forum type format. A team can be based around location or a type craft or particular interest or pretty much anything.

I became a member of a particularly vibrant and active team called ‘Rainbow artists’. Rainbow artist’s hail from all corners of the globe and make all sorts of items. What holds the group together, in my opinion, is a sense of authenticity and genuineness. I feel a sense of community in this team that goes beyond just promotion. One of the other thing that holds it together is Debbie, the team captain, who does a truck load of work to support us.

I’m curious to know more about the people behind the shops in the ‘Rainbow artists’. I’d like to know more about the place where they live (they all seem very exotic to me), the places that they work in, and why they make the things that they do. I’ll be interviewing a number of  teamies over the coming months…

The first person I’ve interviewed is Debbie. She runs the shop Thunderrose with her husband John. They sell gestural leather bags with perfectly beaded details.

Emma: Where do you live and how long have you lived there?

Debbie: We live in Cornville Arizona. Cornville is a small community that is about 15 miles outside of Sedona Arizona. We have lived here around 25 years.

Emma: Can you describe the landscape of the place where you live?

Debbie: We live in the desert. We are surrounded by mountains. The biggest one is called Mingus Mountain. I can see Mingus from my garden. It is a very beautiful mountain. When you go to Sedona you are surrounded by the Red Rock Mountains. Many people travel from all over the world to see Sedona.


Emma: What do you like most about where you live?

Debbie: I love the mountains. I also love the winters. Where we live we don’t get much snow and ice. We get a sprinkle of snow maybe once a year if we are lucky twice. The winters are very mild.

Emma: What do you like least about where you live?

Debbie: The summers for sure. We have triple digets in the summers. It makes it hard to even go outside. We pretty much go out in the mornings at sunrise and in the evening when the sun sets.

Emma: Tell me about the leather items, with beaded details, that you sell on etsy. How did you come to work with leather and beads?

Debbie: I started beading probably 30 years ago. One day I was at a friend’s house and she had just got some seed beads. I was so inspired by these tiny, little, shiny, beautiful beads that I ordered some of my own and proceeded to make beaded earrings doing the brick stitch. I loved creating with them so much. I just kept wanting to learn more. I went into the peyote stitch where I beaded around fans and making key rings and beaded lighter covers. I love all the different colors of beads you can play with.

One thing led into the other. Beads and leather go great together. I started making rosettes and doing the lazy stitch (sewing beads directly to the leather). We started doing all this long before the internet. We have had stores, been in gallerys, and done art shows. I would have to say I think it was what we were meant to do. It kinda found us. John is very good at designing bags. He has created our handbag designs and is fantastic at working with people who want something specific made for their needs. So we, as a team, have many designs we work with now and none have really gone out of style. Some of our work is bohemian, gypsy, hippie and some is native, tribal. We also have worked with higher end clients making more contemporary styles.

Emma: Where do you make the items that you sell?

Debbie: We work in our home.




Emma: What do you like most about working with leather and beads?

Debbie: I love everything about working with leather and beads. They complement each other. When I sit down and create a beadwork, I know its home will be a beautiful handbag or medicine bag. So there is satisfaction in creating a beaded rosette and then going into creating a handmade leather bag to put it on. Everything is done by hand. The only time we use a machine is for our small machine sewn medicine bags. We also make sure the details of our bags are well done and finished giving it a very special look and feel.

Emma: What do is the hardest part about working with leather and beads?

Debbie: Not all the hides are perfect. They have ruff places, scars, holes, blemishes and we never know what will come from the tanneries. Some hides come in almost perfect. So we work with what we receive. Sometimes that can be a little challenging. But over the years we have learned how to work with the hides. In contrast, the beads are pretty easy. But it is always good to be in the mood to bead or you might have more knots in the thread than usual.

Emma: What is your favourite tool, piece of equipment, or material to work with?

Debbie: All leather, all beads. I love all my tools. They make what I do doable…….




Emma: I’m intrigued by the medicine bags that you sell, for example this wolf totem bag. Can you tell me a bit about wolf medicine?

Debbie: I think that if a person is attracted to wolf medicine they have had some kind of personal experience with that medicine, maybe a dream or vision and it wouldn’t be for me to say. I have made medicine bags with totems of all kinds for people from all over the world. Each person has their own story, their own medicine journey.


Emma: What would you carry in a medicine bag?

Debbie: That is something I used to be asked when I did art shows. We have sold these bags to many people from all over the world. They would tell us: I need this for my favorite stone, crystal, carved fetish, to keep my wedding rings in while traveling or even the tooth fairy. Yes, the tooth fairy. I thought what a cute idea. Making losing a tooth an even more special event. I have used mine to keep a special feather, rock, medicine like sage or cedar in. You can make a special prayer and wear it or carry it with you reminding you of what your intent is. So medicine bags or amulet bags are totally multi purpose.

John and I have a lot of different sizes and kinds of medicine bags. Some are beaded some are plain, we make custom ones to fit the needs of our customer friends. Sometimes we put a turtle, bear claw or wolf totem on. I also do four direction beadwork with your colors where you like them. One of my favourite medicine bag’s has a beaded sunflower with double a cut fringe off the bottom of the bag and a 36 inch neck strap.


Emma: Can you tell me what it is like to work with dear skin as opposed to another type of skin?

Debbie: I love working with all the different hides. They all have a different feel and texture.

Emma: How did you choose the name Thunderrose?

Debbie: One day many years ago before we created this business John and I had 10 acres in the middle of nowhere where we were building a small cabin with our own hands and raising our children. I was sitting outside one day and the name Thunder Rose came to me. So we named our 10 acres Thunder Rose. Well, long story short the name carried over to our business.

Emma: Thank you so much Debbie. It was so interesting to read about your story. I hope I’ll be able to visit Sedona one day. It is stunning! How lucky for you and John to have found your calling and to be able to make a living from your home there. Good luck with all the things you have on at the moment and thanks again for all the hard work you’re doing for the ‘Rainbow artists‘.