Marketing Unique Handmade Creations

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I took off from the shop of the week.  I did want to create a treasury. As I was creating it I remembered an article I just read in the Etsy forum about  treasuries. It said this


“Treasuries are a curation tool you can use to interact with your friends or teams, but they are used infrequently by buyers to discover new items they are looking to purchase, so we removed them from the activity feed for our new homepage. We have seen that they don’t influence purchases for buyers on Etsy, and that showing buyers listings and shops personalized to their interests helps buyers find more relevant and interesting things on Etsy. All sellers have the opportunity to be discovered by new buyers through Our Picks for You or Shops Worth Exploring, without having to create a Treasury.”

I pretty much have seen this as being true for sometime now . As a team captain I have to say though treasuries have been a way to bring teams together but it is important that a treasury makes it off  Etsy and into social media. That is why I like to make them and then use this fantastic treasury tool that Tim from Handmadeology made for us. This tool has made it so I can create a treasury with 16 members , take it to this easy to use tool and create  a beautiful picture with links back to each shop. Then I can easily add this to our website or any of my blogs. This is why I still love treasuries. But everyone needs to be on board for this marketing to work. So in my humble opinion a good treasury that gets marketed on blogs, websites and other social media sites is the way they work.

Share your thoughts about this. What is a good way to market beautiful handmade goods? What do you think could help the whole of our team efforts?

So with that said here is the treasury I created for my awesome Etsy Team.  I created this team to bring together some friends of mine and others who want to get seen and help other’s get seen.  We need to work together to get seen or share some insights . There is no I in team. Honestly I really enjoy serving others when I can. It makes my heart feel good. It is part of my spiritual life. Just so happens in is focused in the world of artists.

Love and Light!



Thunder Rose Leather

100_8772 (683x1024)
Beaded sunflower bag

‘Unique handmade creations’ by thunderrose

Just a few unique, handmade pieces of art I found that I love from Rainbow Artists TeamHappy Memorial Day Weekend!Stay safe!

ON SALE Bracelet Fabric Cuff…


OOAK Hand Made Deer Horn and…


Outta Sight Hippie Chandelie…


Peace Bank Handmade from Rec…


Jade, Copper, Pearl – Fresh …


Handsome 3 inch hand carved …


Autumn fairy house clay cane…


Lapis Lazuli Blue Ocean,7 in…


Wire jewelry, wire necklace,…


Long Feather Dangle Earrings…


Green Amazon Natural Feather…


Hippy, Boho, Handmade, Dangl…


SALE*The Wizard “Hippie…


Beaded Earrings ~ Peace Sign…


Ruby Red Swarovski Crystal C…


Amazonite wrap


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Charmed by Bonnie Shop of the week

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s the weekend and summer is right around the corner. Children are getting out of school people are vacationing , camping and having a great time.

I am thinking of changing up the shop of the week for the summer. I honestly haven’t decided what I might do just yet but change is good. So stay tuned to see what I do next.

If you come by the team or just check back here or our team website you will see what we are up too.

This week we are celebrating our new featured shop





This handmade aqua and turquoise, multi strand, chunky bracelet features gorgeous reconstructed rectangle stone beads with a peacock feather motif.


Meet Bonnie

A Little Of My Atistry History

Hello and welcome to CharmedbyBonnie. I am so pleased you are interested in my hand crafted jewelry and decided to stop by. Please make yourself at home and I encourage you to contact me for whatever reason. I’d love to get to know my shoppers.

My goal is to provide merchandise that is diverse, trendy with the integrity of high quality. Each hand crafted piece has been fashioned with lots of love and passion from the beads I use to the colors I choose. I hope you can see this while looking through my shop in the pieces I have listed thus far. I enjoy the process of watching my work change and evolve into something original and unique. Most of the jewelry I design and create myself have been inspired mostly by a certain bead and or it’s color therefore, I don’t limit myself to one specific style jewelry or technique. Although I really love the Bohemian look and the uniqueness it brings. I’m also inspired by the Southwestern design of fashion.

I specifically love working with gemstones of all type Jasper being one of my favorites of many. I also enjoy working with Lampwork beads. I find the artistry and workmanship that goes into these hand crafted, glass beads to be amazing as no two are alike making each individually original. To see more go here.

Bonnie has so many beautiful , colorful , bohemian style jewelry in her shop. Be sure to stop by!




Now for our Rainbow Artists Team Treasury

‘Charmed by Bonnie Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Our new shop of the week on Rainbow Artists team is Bonnie from Charmed by Bonnie. Congratulations Bonnie! Have a great week!Love , light and peace!

Blue Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, …


Chemo Socks, Hand Knit Socks…


Howling Wolves Father’s …


Ear Cuffs – Sterling Silver …


7 Directions Spirit Horse Ve…


50pcs Czech Glass Beads, Dru…


An Original Watercolor Paint…


Black and blue jewellery set…


feather earrings, flame pain…


Bridal Necklace with a Uniqu…


Yellow green shades nursing …


Beautiful White Crocheted Ha…


Beaded Hair Barrette, Native…


Southwest Feather Dangles – …


Egyptian Luna Goddess Pendan…


Set of two Beaded Tribal med…


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Be sure and check back next week!

Love ,  Light and peace!



Thunder Rose Leather

100_8552 (683x1024)
Fringed Leather Bear Paw Bag

Slicknits Socks > Shop of the week

Good Morning and I hope your having a wonderful weekend!  It’s been another busy week at my home. I have my gardens all in so that is good. The heat is starting up here in Arizona. I have been doing some new bead projects and that has been real fun .

This week we have a very talented artist as our shop of the week. Oh what a colorful shop she has and a truly beautiful woman that has been a friend for a long time.



Slicknits Socks



Navy and green knitted socks

Meet Faye

Fun for Your Feet at SlicKnits Socks Offering Free Shipping to Canada & USA

As yet another birthday crept up on me I knew it was time to retire from a real estate career where I had spent many happy years putting excited families into the home of their dreams. Retirement was a shocking loss of my identity. Real Estate was who I had been for such a very long time.

I taught myself how to make jewellery. I’m a rather compulsive woman so went at it full tilt. When my daughter was home for a Christmas visit in 2009 she told me about Etsy and suggested that I should open up a little shop to keep myself out of mischief. I’d never heard tell of Etsy, but heck… why not?

My first shop, WoodcotDesigns was born in 2009. I had several other shops at Etsy in those early retirement years, but in the meantime, I began knitting socks again and opened my first sock shop at Etsy in early 2012.

In September of 2012 my husband and I left Ontario and moved to Prince Edward Island on Canada’s East Coast. It was so easy to move my sock inventory right along with us. I opened my most recent SlicKnits Socks shop at the end of January 2015. Read more here .

To show you just how colorful Faye’s shop is check this out.

Slicknits socks

This is a small selection of all the beautiful knitted socks in Faye’s Etsy shop.

This week Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy will be sharing Faye’s shop all over the internet.

Congratulations Faye!


‘SlicknitsSocks Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Faye from Slicknits Socks our shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team! Be sure and check out the blog post that this treasury is featured in!Thanks for sharing!Blessings!

Knitted Socks Shadow Stripes…


Native American Inspired Nec…


Metallic Gold Iris Peyote Be…


Purple Foil-lined Rectangle …


Copper jewellery set, turquo…


Cage Doll, Cage Santo, 5×7 P…


Gourd Rattle Honoring Water …


Graduation Card in Navy Blue…


Sea Glass Necklace – Real Se…


May Birthstone 14 KT Gold Fi…


Watercolor Roses – Painting …


Abalone Bracelet Paua Shell …


Siesta Ware Bar Set–Beer St…


Bracelet Gold Pearls Redline…


hand carved antler wolf trac…


Amethyst O’pihi Shell Ne…


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Blessings to you all!

Debbie from

Thunder Rose Leather

100_8614 (1024x683)

Little Canary and Co Shop of the week

Hi there everyone! Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! So Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mother’s out there.  Also I would like to celebrate our dear Mother Earth and the Mother Goddess that is within us all.  Both are someone to go to and cherish. I am so very Grateful each day for the life my Mom gave me and the spiritual inspiration I feel from Mother Earth and the Mother Goddess.

This week we are celebrating Sandy Cervera from our new shop of the week


Horse Pendant Necklace
Leather Bag with  Dream Catcher

As you can see Sandy is a very talented artist. She makes so many amazing handmade gifts from special leather bags, special necklaces, dream catchers, home decor and many Native inspired gifts.


Meet Sandy

Little Canary, a given name by my Grandfather, who said my baby cries sounded like a little bird, was the perfect choice for a company name. The wording “andCo” is respective of my family who encouraged me to follow my dream.

Art has always played a big part in my life. Over the years I have worked in many modes of artistic expression, oil painting, folk art, glass painting, wood burning, ceramics, and mosaics, just to name a few. It wasn’t until the early 80’s and a chance meeting with an elder, petite, Chippewa-Ottawa Indian woman, Mary DeGuvara, that would change the direction of my artistic expression once again. Her Indian name was Ma-Nee-Ke-Mu-Ge-Shik. Mary’s loom work captivated me, she was an accomplished bead worker and her best known creation was a 12- by-5-foot tapestry of the Last Supper. Her passion for beadwork became my motivation and her encouragement propelled me forward. I thank the Creator daily for His awesome gift to me and for the many people I’ve come to know as a result.

To read more go here


I would love to share our Rainbow Artists Team Treasury featuring Sandy and many other very talented artists.

‘Shop of the week Little Canary and Co’ by thunderrose

Congratulations Sandy from Little Canary and Co Rainbow Artists Team shop of the week.Your work is so beautiful!Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Beach Chic, Sand, Sea and Su…




Large Natural Dream Catcher,…


Purple and Pink Quilted Poth…


Wire Wrapped Pietersite Pend…


Digital Fairy, Digital Colla…


Birthday Card with Californi…


Chainmaille mix blue earring…


Enchanted Lady – ORIGINAL WA…


Sterling Silver Spiral Ear C…


Blue Paua Shell Handmade Bea…


flame painted copper, dragon…


Decorative table lamp: Blue …


Green Teal and Gold Dangle E…


Mothers Day SALE…. One of …


Beaded Wolf Bic Lighter Hold…


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Blessings to all!



Thunder Rose Leather