Marketing Unique Handmade Creations

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I took off from the shop of the week.  I did want to create a treasury. As I was creating it I remembered an article I just read in the Etsy forum about  treasuries. It said this


“Treasuries are a curation tool you can use to interact with your friends or teams, but they are used infrequently by buyers to discover new items they are looking to purchase, so we removed them from the activity feed for our new homepage. We have seen that they don’t influence purchases for buyers on Etsy, and that showing buyers listings and shops personalized to their interests helps buyers find more relevant and interesting things on Etsy. All sellers have the opportunity to be discovered by new buyers through Our Picks for You or Shops Worth Exploring, without having to create a Treasury.”

I pretty much have seen this as being true for sometime now . As a team captain I have to say though treasuries have been a way to bring teams together but it is important that a treasury makes it off  Etsy and into social media. That is why I like to make them and then use this fantastic treasury tool that Tim from Handmadeology made for us. This tool has made it so I can create a treasury with 16 members , take it to this easy to use tool and create  a beautiful picture with links back to each shop. Then I can easily add this to our website or any of my blogs. This is why I still love treasuries. But everyone needs to be on board for this marketing to work. So in my humble opinion a good treasury that gets marketed on blogs, websites and other social media sites is the way they work.

Share your thoughts about this. What is a good way to market beautiful handmade goods? What do you think could help the whole of our team efforts?

So with that said here is the treasury I created for my awesome Etsy Team.  I created this team to bring together some friends of mine and others who want to get seen and help other’s get seen.  We need to work together to get seen or share some insights . There is no I in team. Honestly I really enjoy serving others when I can. It makes my heart feel good. It is part of my spiritual life. Just so happens in is focused in the world of artists.

Love and Light!



Thunder Rose Leather

100_8772 (683x1024)
Beaded sunflower bag

‘Unique handmade creations’ by thunderrose

Just a few unique, handmade pieces of art I found that I love from Rainbow Artists TeamHappy Memorial Day Weekend!Stay safe!

ON SALE Bracelet Fabric Cuff…


OOAK Hand Made Deer Horn and…


Outta Sight Hippie Chandelie…


Peace Bank Handmade from Rec…


Jade, Copper, Pearl – Fresh …


Handsome 3 inch hand carved …


Autumn fairy house clay cane…


Lapis Lazuli Blue Ocean,7 in…


Wire jewelry, wire necklace,…


Long Feather Dangle Earrings…


Green Amazon Natural Feather…


Hippy, Boho, Handmade, Dangl…


SALE*The Wizard “Hippie…


Beaded Earrings ~ Peace Sign…


Ruby Red Swarovski Crystal C…


Amazonite wrap


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16 thoughts on “Marketing Unique Handmade Creations

  1. My blog is currently inactive so I obviously don’t share there but do share on G+, Twitter and Facebook. I have questioned the benefits of treasuries as I know many shoppers only who never look at them but I will continue to post on social media.

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  2. Another AWESOME blog post Debbie, and thanks so much for the wonderful treasury too! I’ve always felt that treasuries are an excellent tool to help grow and nurture friendships on Etsy. Whereas, promoting my work has been somewhat of a secondary purpose for treasuries – in my mind anyhow. Ha! Maybe that explains a few things, lol! 😀

    I, too, think that treasuries are most effective when shared via social media. I always promote them on FB, twitter, and pinterest – along with all the hearting that goes along with spreading the love! I have to admit that I usually only curate team treasuries and I ALWAYS try to reciprocate the love when I’ve been included in a treasury. I think that’s one reason I love your team SO much…the reciprocal love is present there and a sense of community and friendship is strong with the Rainbow Artists Team; I truly appreciate the consistency and comfort that’s been fostered there!

    I’m getting closer to finally starting a blog of my own and am looking forward to using it as a forum to help spread the love for everyone there – as you do for us here! I’ll keep you posted! 😀

    Happy Memorial Day to you all, love and big hugs!

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  3. Another thought…to go along with sharing the entire treasury if we pin or tweet or G+ some of the individual items from the treasuries, I believe that helps. I do it frequently and see many retweets and repins…that helps.

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  4. I am in total agreement with you, Debbie. I love the simple act of creating treasuries, I see it as yet another way to share the beauties I find on Etsy and to share my friends’ works. I have found several things Thai I end up purchasing, from non-team treasuries. I will always continue to make them.

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  5. I pin the treasuries to Pinterest and also individual items that I like. I have found that they are re-pinned – another way to promote items. It’s a bit sad that Etsy got rid of putting treasuries in the news feed. Some of the treasuries I share on my Facebook business page, but not all of them as I don’t want to drown my readers with several treasuries a day. A healthy mix is quite important. Sometimes I promote other shops on Facebook which is also a good way to guide traffic to those shops. Honestly, promotion is the hardest part of having an Etsy shop.

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