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Happy Friday everyone! It sure rolls around fast…..and we all love that! Been doing a little bit of this and that. This week it’s all about being inside……One day it was so hot just unreal…..Good news is our monsoons are on their way!


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This week we are celebrating


The featured picture says it all  “I love handmade. “

Barbra makes special handmade items from beautiful  cowls, scarfs, tape measures that are perfect for your sewing room, small treasure boxes to keep your special stuff in, gifts for your crafting friends and much more.



I have always indulged in creative outlets-needlepoint,knitting,sewing and more. I love to keep busy,look back and feel the great satisfaction upon seeing a completed item. Of course, some have bombed, but we don’t talk about those!
Please feel free to go through my feedback. I am very proud of everyone’s satisfaction. The theme running through them all is “Even better in person”. Buying online is always a leap of faith but I have proven you will be happy with your button purchase.
I love custom requests especially for the tape measures. Please contact me with your thoughts and we’ll see what we can work out together.
Hope you enjoy my buttons!


‘All About The Buttons Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

On Rainbow Artists we are celebrating a good friend All About The Buttons! Congratulations Barbra! Be sure to stop by and check out her blog feature!Blessings!

All About The Blue Buttons R…


Howling Tribal Wolf Wall Han…


Large Natural Dream Catcher,…


Fire Agate Pendant – Sterlin…


Fuschia Orange Winged Dragon…


Monkey plush, Crochet Monkey…


Tree of Life Gourd Rattle Ha…


Beaded Necklace with a Uniqu…


Fabulous Beer Mug Fabric Qui…


Native American Inspired, M…


Women Men Young Adult Leathe…


Heavy Duty Wool Socks, Hand …


Folk Art Angel, 5×7 Print, P…


Bone hair pipe choker, white…


Hello Girlfriend Greeting Ca…


Dinner Plate//WhiteBrook by …


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Elusive Wolf >Shop of the week

From my home and garden………

Good Morning and happy Friday everyone! I took a week off last week there was to much going on to add one more thing to the mix.  Plus I had company. A really good Hopi Tewa  friend of mine stopped in and I am happy to say he helped me with my garden. He showed me some awesome things about permaculture . Just what I needed ….. Is funny how that works.  He is so connected to Mother Earth…. I love hanging out with him.


From Rainbow Artists Team…………..

This week we are supporting and celebrating Elusive Wolf as our shop of the week on Rainbow Artists team. She makes a lot of awesome native items for your journey.

You can find all these items in Elusive Wolf’s shop.

Meet Elusive Wolf

I’m a crafter of Native American pieces both Traditional as well as Contemporary

Ya teh’ (greetings) everyone. Ashoge’ (thank you) for visiting my Etsy shop…
Like so many other creative people here, there is always a beginning, and a simple grass braid bracelet as mine. I will never forget sitting on the edge of the river that ran through Indian Falls, back home, watching the sun’s reflection dancing off the water and running my fingers through the grass. One special day there, I was listening to the sound of the water and the feel of the warm sun, next thing I knew, I was braiding grass into a bracelet.
Nature has so much to offer with it’s tranquility, it’s beauty and the gifts we can find there. My mind raced with possibilities as I brought home my collection of “things” I had gathered. More bracelets, of course but then (!!!!) I discovered seed beads and taught myself how to bead, then taught myself how to do all kinds of wonderful things. As things progressed, it expanded into using the aged bones I found, making things from relatives old leather bags and so much more.
When I got older, I started vending at Pow Wows in Pennsylvania, Virginia and in Texas. I did Art Shows in New York state as well.
As I learned more and more about my Culture, the more Traditional pieces I made, some with a Contemporary touch.
I love gathering and the gifts I find are given new life with purpose…. more here


Now I am sharing a treasury with 16 members of our Rainbow Artists Team.

Be sure to check out our TEAM WEBSITE

 ‘Elusive Wolf > Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Elusive Wolf Rainbow Artists Team new shop of the week! Come by and share the love for this awesome shop!Blessings!

Handmade Leather Wolf Cuff B…


Arrowhead Diamond Necklace |…


Turquoise Butterfly, Howlite…


Handmade copper crow earring…


Beach Theme Home Decor – Sha…


Crocheted Dolphin Hat, Diape…


Black Bird Print, 5×7 Print,…


Siesta Ware Bar Set–Beer St…


Native American Inspired Cro…


Starfish and Shell Journals,…


Turtle Totem Gourd Rattle Mo…


Ricolite Tree of Life Pendan…


Heavy Duty Wool Socks, Hand …


Gemstone and 14KT Gold Fille…


Sea Sediment Jasper Pendant …


Women Men Young Adult Leathe…


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Thunder Rose Leather

Baby Moccasins

Special handmade art and more

Good morning. Today I got a really early start getting up before the sun and getting the garden all watered in preparation for another very hot day. I just heard last night that by Sunday Phoenix will be up to 119 degrees so that means we will be probably be around 110 to 115. Tis the season…………..Blah………..But we just lay low and stay inside mostly.

100_8918 (683x1024)
Beaded eagle totem tote

This is one of our new totes………

So today I created a treasury for the team and decided to post it here. I am going to be doing this more instead of doing the shop of the week all the time. That way maybe a little more exposure for my awesome team. I am still thinking on all this………. Also this treasury will end up on our team website.

‘Special handmade art and more’ by thunderrose

Good morning friends! Here are some really cool items I found on Rainbow Artists Team. Hope you have a very awesome day!This will be blogged……………….. Go team!

Chrysocolla Wire Wrapped Pen…


Turquoise Picasso Peyote Bea…


7 Directions Spirit Horse Ve…


Frida Kahlo Art Print, 4×6 P…


Crocheted Jets Inspired Hat…


River Rocks, DigitalDownload…


Turquoise and Copper Dragonf…


Starfish Mini Journal with M…


Small bunny, miniature bunny…


Native American Style Rosett…


Ink drawing – ORIGINAL art -…


Land and Sea O’pihi Shel…


Summer Dreams – Girl in Boat…


Tonga Gemstone Necklace – Je…


Female Nude Abstract Art, Me…


Green Patina Scallop Shell C…


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Pono Shell Creations

Good Morning ! The summer heat is on here in Arizona. It is way to hot! But that is the name of the game every summer. We all have to lay low and stay inside.

I took off last week because of Memorial Day weekend. I enjoyed my weekend . We always stay home and stay safe. I have my garden all in now.

This week on Rainbow Artists Team we are celebrating

Sweets Valentine




About Sweets


I’m a self-taught artist and crafter. I am also the owner of Sweetest Tattoos Hawai`i, where I specialize in creating freehand, custom jagua tattoos. Catch up with me and my tattoo business on Facebook (Sweetest Tattoos Hawai`i) and Instagram @sweetest_tattoos-hawaii.

All designs in this shop are my own or that of my family member’s, so please observe our creative rights! The artist responsible for creating each piece will be named in the item description.
Being of Native Hawaiian descent, much of my work is inspired by traditional Hawaiian and Polynesian art. However, I also favor contemporary and tattoo art, and also art from other Native cultures; therefore many of my masterpieces will be a mix of styles. Unique Hawaiian pieces are handmade the traditional way here, using long-forgotten skills and real materials from nature.
All feathers, bone, shell, wood, metal, and sea glass are reliably sourced here on O’ahu or from neighboring islands. Gemstones and other materials are sourced from responsible sources from the USA. I like to use real materials, but I try to incorporate sustainable practices by re-using things. Some pieces are upcycled and may include some non-organic materials (e.g- plastic beads).

Everything in this shop is made by the hands of Native Hawaiians, with attention to detail, patience, and our mana.
I love designing and creating beautiful, useful things. To me, utilizing Nature’s gifts are the best. We take great pride in our work, and being able to practice our craft is our way of life. Every piece tells us how it wants to be made, and when we create, we pay homage to our ancestors in the way we incorporate our mana`o (beliefs). At this shop, you will find high quality gifts made to last.

Please keep in mind that by supporting this shop, you are helping to keep the Hawaiian culture alive. Thank you all for taking the time to stop by our humble shop, I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Mahalo nui loa,
Sweets Valentine & O`hana


Sweets has a lot of beautiful handmade shell jewelry  to choose from . We are very happy to have her on our team!


Now for our Rainbow Artists Team treasury …………

‘Pono Shell Creations Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Sweets Valentine from Pono Shell Creations our shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team!Wonderful, beautiful shell jewelry from the beautiful state of Hawaii! Blessings!

O’pihi Shell Necklace | …


Turquoise Butterfly, Howlite…


Cobalt Blue Aqua Teal Bracel…


Bridal Necklace with a Uniqu…


Rainbow Button Hearts Bracel…


Champagne Glass-Tall Sherbet…


Natural Dream Catcher Native…


Hand Painted Bookmark with B…


Crocheted Owl Lovey Snuggle/…


Black and blue jewellery set…


Socks Hand Knit Striped Adul…


crow bracelet, crow jewelry,…


Native American Inspired Fea…


Swarovski Crystal Pearl 14KT…


Peace be With You – An Origi…


Mini turtle, crochet turtle …


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Thunder Rose Leather


Interview with Carola from ‘Carola Bartz’

Rainbow artist’s hail from all corners of the globe and make all sorts of items. I’m curious to know more about the people behind the shops in the ‘Rainbow artists’. I’d like to know more about the places where they live, the places that they work in, and why they make the things that they do. I’ll be interviewing a number of Rainbow artist teamies over the coming months…

The second person I’ve interviewed is Carola from California in the USA. Her shop Carola Bartz has a shop that sells the charming and whimsical variety items that she makes.

Michelle Emma Kay: Where do you live and how long have you lived there? Can you describe the landscape of the place where you live?

Carola Bartz: I live in Northern California about one hour’s drive north of San Francisco. This is wine country at its finest, but we also have a lot of other agriculture – and many cows. Often our county is referred to as Sonoma Cownty. However, the vineyards are slowly taking over. You can see them filling the valleys and stretching up the hills, ever so often dotted with windmills and water towers. Water is a valued resource since it is rare – we have been living in a drought for four years now and sustainable farming in both the wine industry and agriculture is becoming more and more important.

County Hills by
County Hills by

We have a spectacular coast that you can drive along on famous California State Highway 1. It winds around the hills that fall steep down to the Pacific – the cliffs can be quite hazardous. So are the waves that crash on the beaches and that unfortunately often are underestimated. We have lots of tourists here who tend to not read the warning signs! Bodega Bay which became famous in Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” is located on our coast and a favorite place for my family to go to. We love to go up to Bodega Head, a cliff at the ocean, and watch for whales. It’s a favorite pastime for many people here. Afterwards we usually have a nice dinner in one of the many seafood places.

I have been living here for more than 15 years and I love it. Before moving to California I lived in Germany – I’m actually a German native and became a US citizen last year.
Along famous Highway 1 by

Michelle Emma Kay: What do you like most about where you live?

Carola Bartz: It sounds odd, but it is the weather. Of course this is sunny California, but this is also Northern California which means it can get pretty cold. However, summers are beautiful and warm, but not too hot except for those short heat waves of which we have only two or three a year. Nights are cool – ideal for sleeping!!! I love it this way. It doesn’t rain significantly from May to October, but winters can be very wet. My favorite season here is autumn – the colors are spectacular and such an inspiration!

Autumn colors by
Autumn colors by

But I think what I like best is how close we are to the “wild” side here. Almost every night the deer come to visit my garden, and so do raccoons and skunks. The turkeys are hanging out in the neighborhood, and sometimes we hear coyotes in the night. A mountain lion lives in our woods but keeps away from people. The wilderness is right at our doorstep. This probably would be what I’d miss most if I should ever go back to Germany.

Michelle Emma Kay: You say that you enjoy going to look for whales at Bodega Head. Can you tell me about the last time that you spotted whales? I was bush walking along the cliffs on the coast a couple of years ago and we saw a family of whales swimming in the ocean. It was actually amazing! I don’t know what it is, but you definitely feel a deep emotional connection with them when you see and hear them.

Carola Bartz: I can’t remember when the last time was since we see them fairly often; however, I remember a quite unique experience. We were driving along Highway 101 in Northern California where it crosses the Klamath River. We were quite surprised to see that so many people were hanging out on the bridge, looking down. We decided to stop and check out what was going on. Well, there was a female humpback whale swimming in the water! She was completely lost. Unfortunately, this was not the first time that a whale swam up a river, and then it’s really difficult to get them back into the ocean. The Native American tribe to whom the land here belongs unsuccessfully tried to direct the whale back to the open sea. It was heart breaking to witness how the whale was in distress. The sad outcome is that a few days later, she died.

Our beautiful coast by
Our beautiful coast by

Michelle Emma Kay: You say that you’d miss the wildlife if you moved back to Germany from the US. Is there anything about Germany that you miss since you’ve been living in the US? 

Carola Bartz: You bet! Most of all I miss the bread, healthy dark whole grain bread. I’m baking my own bread now since I seldom find the bread I love, and sometimes I sell loaves to other Germans who miss good bread as well. The same goes for beer – American beer is far too bitter because they use too much hops. German beer is smooth with a low volume of alcohol, refreshing and tasty. Good movies – in Germany we were used to see movies from lots of different countries. Here it is mainly American movies. We’re lucky to have an independent alternative movie theater here, but it’s still not enough. I’m getting tired of Hollywood. Oh, and the news! In Germany the nightly news take up 15-20 minutes (sometimes more if there is a special) and I always felt very well informed about what was going on in the world. Here the news last one hour and it’s filled with the same thing over and over again. I don’t feel I’m well informed here, at least not from mainstream media.

Wine country by
Wine country by

Michelle Emma Kay: Where do you make the items that you sell?

Carola Bartz: One of the bedrooms in our home is my studio with a big window that looks out into the garden. Here I create my cards and journals, and I also paint here. My knitting items are done whenever I have a minute – while watching movies, sitting outside in the garden, when I meet up with friends (I’m in a knitting group), on the couch while listening to music, in the car (when I’m not driving). I also carry my camera with me almost all the time to capture those images for my photo cards and prints.

Work in progress by
Work in progress by

What do you like most about maintaining an etsy shop?

Well, sales make me happy!!! I’ll never forget my first sale about three weeks after I had opened the shop. I still get excited about every single sale. I don’t think it will ever get old.

Being in charge is something that drives me. I love to decide how my shop looks, which items I put on the first page, changing up my featured items. It’s a lot of fun. I am a member of several teams of which two or three are quite active. I like the interaction, the advice and the support we give each other. The Rainbow Artists Team is a wonderful team and I like the community here. Having an online shop can be a rather lonely job, so I think it’s very important to connect with people who are selling in the same venue

This is how we “met” one another and have come to do this interview 🙂 I’ve too have found the Rainbow Artists to be a great team too, very genuine and supportive bunch of people. I marvel at the ability that we have during this time to connect with people from all around the world.

You sell a variety of items on etsy, including paintings, cards, journals and prints. Could you tell me how the process of creating each of these items relates to one another? 

When I create a card, for example, I usually use stamps for that. That stamp can give me an idea for a painting or an Artist Trading Card. Or it can inspire to create a journal with a certain “title”. Often it’s my photography that inspires a card or a journal. Unfortunately I haven’t painted very much recently, but the ideas I have in my head for all those would-be paintings often are fed through my photo images as well. Sometimes I work on different things at the same time, using the same tool like a certain kind of paper and stamp. It seems that I work in “waves” – there are times when I have a lot of ideas and then I create cards and journals, and then this source seems to dry up for a while. I have learned to live with it and not be frustrated when a dry period is about to begin. I just knit more during those times!

Creating cards by
Creating cards by

I’m curious to know more about your inspiration to make things… Do you make a different kind of thing every day? Or do you go through phases where you make one particular type of item for a while?

When I’m in a “juicy” or creative phase I tend to make different things. Recently I made a card for a friend using a stamp with dotted flowers. The idea came to me that this would look nice as a place card, so I tried that. It worked – and I just enjoy taking the photo of that place card as well. I set up a dining space, and then I usually end up taking several still life photos on top of my listing image. If I’m lucky one of those photos will end up in my shop as a photo card.

Paints by

Unfortunately I don’t create every day. I mentioned those dry periods before, and they mainly affect creating cards, journals and paintings. Sometimes I don’t even feel like taking photos. Then I see a beautiful flower or a hawk sitting on my fence and my enthusiasm is back. So far I haven’t felt these “dry” and “juicy” periods in my knitting. Knitting is different. It’s very calming and relaxes me. Often while knitting I get ideas for new projects, and I just jot down a few notes so that I don’t forget. Sometimes I feel the need to start working on that new idea right away. I usually don’t stick to one type of item for a while and then go on to the next – there are always several projects in progress, even several knitting projects

I live in a cold climate in the Blue mountains of Australia at 1100 feet high. We are in the final months of fall/autumn and the temperature is dropping. I think this might be why these hand knitted socks are my favourite item in your shop! 🙂 Can you tell me the story of how you made these?

Hand knitted socks by
Hand knitted socks by

Those socks will certainly keep your feet warm!!!

I learned knitting in fourth grade. I had a horrible teacher who tore my entire knitted item apart because it was too loose! I had been so proud of it and suddenly there were only bits and pieces left. I didn’t look at knitting needles again! Fast forward to three or four years ago when my friend JoAnn dragged me into a yarn store and I was fascinated by all the amazing colors. Paradise!!! She convinced me that I was able to knit socks and that she would help me. Well, it took a while until those socks were done, but I was hooked! Then another friend of mine got cancer and had to go through chemo. I thought it would be nice for her to have warm feet during her treatment and knitted two pairs of socks for her. She loved them (and is cancer free now!). This inspired me to knit socks for the shop. I use superwash wool because you need to wash your socks, right? This yarn makes sure that they hold up well during and after laundry and you can enjoy them for a long time.

That’s really interesting that you find knitting to be a different kind of feeling to making other things. I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad experience when you first began knitting when you were a child. I think a lot of people have those kinds of memories, sadly. Could you share a story of someone who has encouraged/supported your creativity in the past? Because try I replace those bad memories that pop into my mind with good memories of those people that champion I’ve made 🙂 

That would be my friend JoAnn whom I already mentioned. If she hadn’t believed that I could actually knit socks, I wouldn’t have started doing it. She has repeatedly encouraged me. She also helps if I’m stuck or shows me little tricks. She would make a fabulous knitting teacher (among many other things). We sometimes get together just to knit and chat, those are really good times! I wish everybody had a friend like her. The world would be such a better place (I know this is such a cliché, but this is exactly how I feel).

Hand knitted cowl by
Hand knitted cowl by

I totally agree with you there. As Julia Cameron (who wrote The artist’s way) says you have to find your ‘believing mirrors‘. I wish for everyone to have their creativity encouraged. 

In contrast to knitting, it says on your etsy profile that you love getting your hands dirty. Could you tell me a bit about the type of art/craft that you do that gets the most messy? 

Painting. Paint brushes are nice, but hands are so much better! Nothing compares to the feeling of painting with your fingers, spreading thick acrylic paints over a canvas, then press paper into it and get more paint on top of it. I have more control over the process, but that also means that I often run around with hands in interesting colors. People sometimes look at me in kind of a strange way.

It’s like gardening – another “craft” I love to do. Feeling the soil in your hands, the dirt under the finger nails. It’s not for sissies!

Still life by
Still life by

I love your description of painting with your hands and can relate to walking around with coloured hands… And sometimes arms, legs or face hehehe 😉 I actually also prefer to work directly with my hands as opposed to making with tools because it feels like one too many levels removed… 

What are you working on making at the moment? Could you give us a sneak peek of some of your current work in progress?

I just made some cards for the German school I’m teaching at, and those inspired me to use more watercolor in my cards. It’s a beautiful process with watercolor pens that I bought at the National Gallery in London two years ago. These pens are awesome – even though they involve the use of a brush! There are a few journals in the making and I’m also knitting more doll’s clothes – mainly sweaters and cardigans at the moment, but I’m also thinking of twin sets which should be fun.

Watercolor by Still life by
Watercolor by Still life by

I’m really interested to give watercolour pens a try too and I look forward to seeing what your end up making with them… Is this different medium inspiring you to work with any particular kind of subject matter? 

Not at the moment, but it might happen in the future. You know, this is the interesting and exciting thing – we never know what might inspire us to do something new or unusual. Just like I never thought I would start knitting again and sell my hand knit items, something completely new might come up. It’s important to remain open since inspiration can strike in the most unexpected moment and places.

Watercolor pencils by

I totally agree with you about remaining open. Following a spark of inspiration is lots of fun. 

Thanks for sharing your story with me Carola, I really enjoyed learning more about you.