Ms Frieda’s Classroom

Good morning Rainbow artist fans and followers! Its Saturday morning and I am happy to say we got some rain where we live in Arizona. A very welcome rain. So very needed. It has been exceptionally dry this year.

This week our shop of the week is Laurie from


Laurie is a very special woman who is helping not only her children but also families with children with special needs. Wait till you read meet Laurie below you will see what I mean.

Meet Laurie

Our shop was formally opened in May 2015 after years of crafting, months of planning and a lifetime of learning the skills to run a business.

I have always loved art. I find it to be a great medium to facilitate emotional healing, as well as an excellent form of communication.

As a mother of 12 children, I’ve had over 30 years of hands on experience. I am an avid learner and passionate advocate for my children; 9 of whom God brought into our family by means of adoption.

We have a large variety of pic clips for non verbal kids and adults which problems expressing themselves and their needs and emotions.

Our categories are color coordinated, with choices such as food, daily hygiene and even schedule routines for each part of the day!

These clips are great for non verbal students and adults, speech and occupational therapists, ESL teachers, and elderly loved ones. If you or your loved one is looking for an easy, age appropriate, inconspicuous way to communicate we have what you need!

We also offer a wonderful selection of functional and inspirational magnetic chalkboards and dry erase memo boards for your home, dorm, or office.

Thank you for taking the time to ready my story! I’m so happy we caught your eye and I hope you are inspired by what you see!



We had a big turn out for last weeks shop of the week. I have three others besides myself for this weeks treasury so I will be doing some add on’s below the treasury. Thanks to all our awesome friends who help to promote these fine artists and small business owners. You all ROCK! What a special community we have!

‘Shop of the week Ms Frieda’s Clasroom’ by thunderrose

Rainbow Artists Team new shop of the week is Laurie from Ms Frieda’s Classroom. What a special shop!Have a fun week!Blessings!

Framed Magnetic Chalkboard -…


Deep Red Jade Wrap Bracelet …


Purple Ricolite Pendant – St…


Rock Cairn Photo Greeting Ca…


Ethnic Cross body bag/Should…


Realistic Red Rose hair clip…


Belt : textile fabric, elega…


Sardonyx Stone Porcupine qui…


Love Art Print, 4×6 Print, V…


Spring Time Bunnies, Birds a…


Kodak Motormatic 35F Camera/…


Penguin plush, crochet pengu…


Sea Glass Pendant-Gift Idea-…


Natural Abalone Shell Inlay …


Deer Totem Spirit Person Han…


Country Heart Charm Necklace


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Dream Catcher      Raven wolf Bracelet   White Buckskin Clutch   Boho Earrings


Kuchi Design shop of the week

Hi there.! Happy Friday!

This week on Rainbow Artists Team we had so many participate in the thread that there were two extras for the treasury! Congratulations team! Great work!

Do you know how I pick the shop of the week.? I have a big hat that I fill with numbered paper. The newbies that join in the fun get a number  and I pick from there. I also need for our team members to have either an about page or a profile page letting me know what their story is. There you have it! So far every week we have someone join in the fun so we  can share their store. Then as my time permits I promote the shop of the week on the team website. On the front page the shop of the week page and the featured artists page.

Also me and some of my team leaders are promoting everyone on our

team page shoppers guide

and some of these feed over to our website. It’s like a big circle.

So please remember to support our leaders shops!


This week we are celebrating Anisa Ali from


Meet Anisa Ali

I worked for many years in fashion industry. I created sketches and designed clothing collections for men, women and different age groups. When the fashion industry went through changes, I decided to embrace creativity. Now, I design and create!


Now for our weekly team treasury with the members who shared in the team and shop love.

‘Kuchi Design Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Anisa Ali our new shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team.Thanks everyone!Happy Friday!D~

Ethnic Cross body bag/Should…


Morenci Native Copper Pendan…


Woodland fairy house Moss co…


Jungle Print Toddler Rag Qui…


Beach Theme Home Decor Shado…


Natural Dream Catcher with L…


OOak, Hand embroidered , tex…


Natural Suede, Native Americ…


Fall Leaves Photo Art, Mixed…


Elephant plush, shower gift …


Boa Scarf Bright Shades FREE…


Cobalt Blue and White Blend …


Digital Hearts, Clip Art Hea…


Bohemian Chunky Bracelet, Re…


Cozy Needle Felted Cute Wool…


Christmas Glasses/Vintage AH…


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Now for the other contributors to shop love.

Thunder Rose Leather                        Speaks With Ancestors                Lilly Beads Design

Baby and Children’s Moccasins

We sell many different pairs of baby and children’s moccasins. This is a blog post that I did about our line of moccasins in our Etsy shop. Our moccasins are all handmade and hand stitched. Some are beaded some are plain. Check it out!



Thunder Rose


Good morning and welcome to a new day . Good ole Monday morning!

 Today I would like to share our baby moccasins with you. Our moccasins are all made in soft elkskin leather. We make a wide variety of baby, toddler and children’s moccasins. They are all handmade and hand stitched by John and me . I do the beading for these sweet little moccasins. Sizes range from a very small newborn or 0-3 months , newborn to 6 months , 6 months to one year, and on from there to toddler and children’s moccasins. You can find them in our Etsy shop

Thunder Rose Leather

7 newborn baby moccasins

8 Beaded Newborn moccasins

3 very small newborn moccasins


These Moccasins are so cute. I mean every mom should have a pair for their little one. They make the perfect baby shower gift and after the baby outgrows them they can be a…

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Tribal Handmade

Happy weekend friends! We are staying in and staying cool!

We have a real fun shop of the week this week.

Catherine from

Tribal Handmade

has some really beautiful colorful beadwork, fairy houses , flower hair pieces , and jewelry.

 Meet Catherine


Catherine also has this shop


Welcome to my shop! Thank you for stepping by!
I am a tribal belly dancer, so it is main source of my inspiration, so mostly I create Tribal accessories and jewelry like flower hair pins and beaded ethnic medallions. Also i like to make fairy houses of polymer clay. All my items are handmade and created with inspiration.
To see more go here

Blog Interview with Catherine from Emma Kay Inks



Now let’s take a look at our Rainbow Artists Team Treasury

‘Tribal Handmade’ by thunderrose

Rainbow Artists new shop of the week is Tribal Handmade! Congratulations Catherine!Have a fun week!

Royal Blue Peony Flower hair…


Green and lilac Crochet nurs…


Crochet bunny, amigurumi toy…


Natural Abalone Shell Inlay …


Quilted Wall Hanging – Hummi…


Big Diggins Agate Pendant – …


Yucca Plant at Sunset Photog…


Sea Sediment Jasper Pendant …


African Green Jasper Beaded …


Blue and Light Bronze Loomed…


Green orange freeform wired …


Oversized, Statement, fabric…


Frog Totem Spirit Person Han…


Shades of Grey and Black Mem…


Handcrafted Artisan Ceramic …


Lapis and Shell Tribal earri…


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Thanks for stopping in!




white leather bag

Cute Toys by Christina Shop of the week

From my garden

Hi there everyone! First of all we are on into summer now. The gardens are really going strong and the rains sort of started. Our monsoon season started early so we got a couple days of rain. We sure could use some more. I am grateful for what we got.

Rainbow Artists

Be sure to share your Christmas in July Coupon codes with us in the team thread. It is open to the public to read.

Our new shop of the week this week is Cristina from


I just love these little toys. Everytime I cruz through Cristina’s shop it totally puts a smile on my face. They are all so cute.

Also a big shout out to Cristina. Thanks for all you do for the team!

Meet Cristina

My name is Cristina and I live in Bucharest. It started as a hobby and became a passion for crocheted amigurumi toys. Combining business with pleasure, I relax by crocheting and perform handmade cute amigurumi toys with patience and ingenuity.

You will find here handmade crocheted amigurumi toys. Are unique designs, creations and designs on request.

My favorite materials are: cotton and acrylic in a rich color palette.

For more details on handmade accessories and how they purchase, please visit the “Contact” section of this online store.

Thank you,

To see more of Cristina’s shop go to the link below


Now for our shop of the week treasury! Thanks everyone for your help in supporting this awesome team and small businesses.

Rainbow Art Team Website

‘Cute Toys By Cristina Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Rainbow Artists Team is celebrating Cristina’s shop * Cute Toys by Cristina* Come by and celebrate with us on Rainbow Artists Team. !

Mermaid doll, little crochet…


Measuring Tape For Yarn Love…


Bisbee Turquoise Pendant – W…


Bohemian Style Denim Blue an…


Black Bird Print, 5×7 Print,…


oxidized copper, crow neckla…


Christmas Ornament on Canvas…


Crocheted Rainbow Crocodile …


Turquoise Spike Beaded Neckl…


Rustic Porcupine Quill Earri…


Artisan Beach Pouch Necklace


Shades of Grey and Black Mem…


Cookie Stamp/Father Christma…


Blue Green Irridescent Flowe…


Abstract Cosmos Artwork, Gal…


Medicine Wheel Gourd Rattle …


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Thanks for stopping in!

Many blessings of comfort and peace!


Sharing one of my blog posts from my other blog.


It’s Thursday afternoon this hot summer day in Arizona and I just finished this beautiful chocolate brown leather bag / fringed boho bag with a beaded dragonfly. The dragonfly is beaded in  silk purple , forest green, silk green and silver lined gold seed beads. The background is purple leather. This boho / gypsy style handbag has long fringe that is decorated with purple glass crow beads. The bag measures 6 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches wide and has a 48 inch 4 point braided strap that is perfect for wearing crossbody. Of course if you would like you strap shorter or longer please just contact us and let us know we are happy to help you out.

The dragonfly totem makes this leather bag magical. It would make a great phone bag , medicine bag  or perfect for going out and only carrying a few things.

100_9093 (683x1024)Beaded dragonfly…

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Something special for you in green

Tonight I thought I would invite some friends to our Rainbow Artists Team Blog.Change things up a bit. Of course I would love to have you join us but really that is all up to the individual person. I created this treasury to say Thank you to the different people who support me and my family (John). Anyway I have been real busy and haven’t had much time to say much of anything lately. So many blessings to all of you !

Hope you enjoy this blog. Take the time to look around . Michelle Emma Kay from Emma Kay Inks did a fantastic blog interview with Gina Lot.

Check it out here.

We also have a website that is coming along.

Rainbow Artists Team Website

Now for the treasury I created .

‘Something special for you in Green’ by thunderrose

For me green is a very healing color. It makes me feel good! Thanks to all my friends who always support me and my family! Much love and peace!

Whitehall Pitcher in Avocado…


Filigree Brass Cuff Top Sell…


Teal Blue Red Flower Beaded …


Hand drawn – ORIGINAL art – …


Amazon Green Dream Catcher, …


green jewelry pendant, gold …


Small bunny, miniature bunny…


Glass Block Light upcycled h…


Paper Quilling Landscape Art…


Turquoise Picasso Bohemian S…


Wire Wrap Chrysoprase Pendan…


Mosaic Hamsa with Tree of Li…


Pottery Mug, Ceramic Coffee …


Sterling Silver and Green Ja…




May Birthstone 14 KT Gold Fi…


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Thanks for stopping in!

Debbie from

Thunder Rose Leather

Interview with Gina from Gina’s Vintage Shop

Rainbow artist’s are from all over the world and sell all sorts of items. I’m curious to know more about the people behind the shops in the ‘Rainbow artists’. I’d like to know more about the places where they live, the places that they work in, and why they make the things that they do.

I’ve been be interviewing a number of Rainbow artist teamies in recent months. The latest interview is with Gina from Gina’s Vintage Shop. She tells us about how she started collecting vintage items and the story behind some of her items.


Emma Kay Inks: Where do you live? Can you describe the landscape of the place where you live? 

Gina’s Vintage Shop: Where we live has been a journey in it’s own. My ex-husband removed us from the family home in June of 2015 leaving me and my four children homeless. But two very special angels found us a home that we were able to rent to own.

When the divorce came through, we were able to buy this home. We bought it in April of 2016. Home is where our hearts are. The landscape of our home is simply the love that we have for each other and the gratitude that we have for a roof over our heads.

Gina's vintage shop -
Gina’s vintage shop –


Emma Kay Inks: Tell me about the vintage items that you sell on etsy – how did you come to collecting and selling vintage items? 

Gina: My love for vintage really came from the passion my father had for old books and history. We would spend hours at book sales and touring old forts and battle ships. Vintage to me is about history and stories. Both the personal history and stories as well as the history of how the items came to be.

My shop began with a few items my father and I collected and was gathering dust in the basement. My ex-husband would not allow me to open a shop and thought my idea was stupid so I hid my shop from him until one day an order came in when he was home. The cat was out of the bag and so too the arguments that followed. But I kept the shop going and my shop grew in-spite of all that was happening in the home. Then in 2015 my vintage doors closed due those events in the home.

The day I had to shut my vintage doors was a very difficult day for me. For me my vintage shop became a part of me. The stories, the mysteries and the history of each item ran through my blood and to lose those stories, mysteries and history felt like my life stopped. My ex threw out the majority of my items.

I thought my shop doors would be shut forever but those stories and mysteries wouldn’t let me go. I re-opened at the end of 2015 with a few items that I smuggled out of the house. It has been a struggle but the stories will continue.


Thank you for being so honest about your story Gina. I’m sorry to hear about your past, but I really respect the strength it has taken for you to pick up and do it all again! 

Emma Kay Inks: Where do you find/source the vintage items that you stock in your shop? 

Gina: Most of my items are stories that had ended and are sold at garage sales, thrift stores or left in a trash can. They are in need of someone that understands their stories and can add a new chapter to continue them.

Gina's vintage shop -
Gina’s vintage shop –


What is the most difficult part about collecting vintage items?

The hardest part of collecting and selling vintage items is letting them go. With so many items I find that someone in the family falls in love with it and begs for me to keep it. But the point of having a shop is to find a better home for each item and making money to provide for the family. So they must go…

Gina's vintage shop -
Gina’s vintage shop –


Out of all the items that you have in your shop at the moment, which one was the most exciting find for you? 

I have many items that were an exciting find. Many items can take a lot of time solving their mystery. Questions like time period, who produced the item, where did the item come from, what pattern or design is it, and many many many other questions that need to be answered before the item is listed.

Gina’s vintage shop –

This item was discovered at a church garage sale, I had NO CLUE to the pattern or time period or who made it nor could I find any information on her. It took me 2 years to crack the case and boy was I shocked and surprised to find out that she was 115 years old. She is sooooooooo pretty and elegant even with her imperfections. I was half tempted to keep her but I really don’t have any room for her. I’m hoping one day someone will be able to provide her with a home and continue her story for the next 115 years.

Gina's vintage shop -  
Gina’s vintage shop –


My partner loves to drink tea and we live in a cold climate, so it gets cold quickly. This item would come in very handy for us! Could you tell me a bit more about this item

Gina's vintage shop -
Gina’s vintage shop –

Vintage Rubbermaid Woodbine Tumblers were made in the 70’s during the time when everyone was getting back to nature and becoming one with it. They are made out of heavy plastic and are great for any outdoor adventure.

(Gina’s listing for this item says:

The design, the color and the durability of Rubbermaid makes this tumbler perfect for your outdoor adventure.

These cups are great for hot or cold beverages and can be placed in the dishwasher on the top rack. They hold under 12 ounces of liquid.

I have 6 total $6.00 a piece. Each will be charged a separate shipping charge…don’t panic, I just need the amount to ship the item to you. I will refund anything over a $1.

Condition: I would say each tumbler was lightly used with general vintage fading, scratches and ware.)


This item is a classic and it seems to have an interesting story behind it. Could you tell us a bit more about the origin of this item

Gina’s vintage shop –

I love this cookie jar.  I know that cookie jars seem so outdated anymore but they really can be a useful thing  not only for cookies but  for pet treats as well.

This pretty and modern looking cookie jar was a part of Woolworth and Safeway Fresh cash savers stamp with purchase program. The program worked by collecting 20 grey stamps and exchanging it for a bake ware piece. As an incentive they gave an individual soufflé baker for free. The goal was to collect enough stamps and or books to be able to complete the entire set.

(Gina’s listing says:

This product was made in Japan. It measures under 7 inches tall and from handle to handle under 7.5 inches wide. Inside depth is under 6 inches deep. Colors are white with pink and purple flowers and a gray lid. Perfect for cookies, dog biscuits or to hide your secret stash of candy)

I know that you are very busy Gina, so I really appreciate the time you have taken to tell your story. You have given me an insight into people’s passion for vintage.