Kuchi Design shop of the week

Hi there.! Happy Friday!

This week on Rainbow Artists Team we had so many participate in the thread that there were two extras for the treasury! Congratulations team! Great work!

Do you know how I pick the shop of the week.? I have a big hat that I fill with numbered paper. The newbies that join in the fun get a number  and I pick from there. I also need for our team members to have either an about page or a profile page letting me know what their story is. There you have it! So far every week we have someone join in the fun so we  can share their store. Then as my time permits I promote the shop of the week on the team website. On the front page the shop of the week page and the featured artists page.

Also me and some of my team leaders are promoting everyone on our

team page shoppers guide

and some of these feed over to our website. It’s like a big circle.

So please remember to support our leaders shops!


This week we are celebrating Anisa Ali from


Meet Anisa Ali

I worked for many years in fashion industry. I created sketches and designed clothing collections for men, women and different age groups. When the fashion industry went through changes, I decided to embrace creativity. Now, I design and create!


Now for our weekly team treasury with the members who shared in the team and shop love.

‘Kuchi Design Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Anisa Ali our new shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team.Thanks everyone!Happy Friday!D~

Ethnic Cross body bag/Should…


Morenci Native Copper Pendan…


Woodland fairy house Moss co…


Jungle Print Toddler Rag Qui…


Beach Theme Home Decor Shado…


Natural Dream Catcher with L…


OOak, Hand embroidered , tex…


Natural Suede, Native Americ…


Fall Leaves Photo Art, Mixed…


Elephant plush, shower gift …


Boa Scarf Bright Shades FREE…


Cobalt Blue and White Blend …


Digital Hearts, Clip Art Hea…


Bohemian Chunky Bracelet, Re…


Cozy Needle Felted Cute Wool…


Christmas Glasses/Vintage AH…


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Now for the other contributors to shop love.

Thunder Rose Leather                        Speaks With Ancestors                Lilly Beads Design


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