Rainbow Artist’s Harvest Moon Energy

Rainbow Artist’s Team ….what does that mean? ……Well to me it’s about a global community of artists from all over the world coming together  to share in the experience of being artists of all flavors , designs, walks of life and mediums.  What I have experienced myself is we all wear many hats. There is so much more to having an online business then just setting up a store and starting to sell. It’s a pretty deep experience when you get real about selling. For us Etsy has been a really amazing place to sell. We have made so many friends in the community and have had great experience’s with beautiful customers. Everyday is a different experience. You can rest assured when you wake up in the morning you never know who you will drop in to say hi.

 I am Grateful I started this team where we can come together and share in all this. Just like business days you never know who might drop by and say hi. We welcome new faces into our circle. Make yourself known so we can get to know you. Let us be friends and walk together down the path.

Tonight on this Harvest moon I would like to share Carola Bartz handmade shop with you. I love Carola’s amazing shop it is filled with many different beautiful handmade art pieces. One of my many favorites are her journals and pocket notebooks. What a great idea to always have a beautiful inspiring notebook by your side for when those moments of inspiration come by to visit. You have a place to make a note right here in this beautiful fall notebook.

Beautiful fall journal pocket notebook from Carola Bartz

A treasury from Rainbow Artists Team. Click on any picture and walla you will see be at the home place of the item.

‘Rainbow Artists Harvest Moon Energy’ by thunderrose

We are a global community of artists from all over the world coming together to share in the experience of being artists of all flavors , designs, walks of life and mediums. Blessings to you on this Harvest Moon!

Small Pumpkins Mini Journal …


Orange and Green Pumpkin Dan…


Native American Style Rosett…


SUMMERSALE25 Vintage Silver …


Sweet Owl – Bead Embroidery …


Beaded Bull Skull Necklace w…


Purple Utensil Holder, Porce…


Purple Skull, Butterfly, Bea…


Handmade Jewelry, Pearl Ankl…


Baby 6 months/1T Ice Blue D…


Carnelian Earrings – Vintage…


Flowering Tube Onyx Pendant …


Joy and Prosperity Necklace …


Grape Juice Fun Wall Art Abs…


Men’s Bracelet, Mens Bra…


moose jewelry, moose brooch,…


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Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a beautiful full moon , harvest moon night!

Blessing to all!

Debbie from Thunder Rose 

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Beaded white clutch

3 thoughts on “Rainbow Artist’s Harvest Moon Energy

  1. Oh Debbie, thank you so very much for sharing my shop – I feel honored. You are such a wonderful person and amazing captain of this lovely team. I feel blessed to be part of it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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