Rainbow in Handmade Art

I love the weekend! This week on Rainbow Artists Team we have started our holiday promotion that is going on from now until the middle of December. Many of us used Etsy treasuries to promote our fellow artists but we don’t really have that option now. So my team and I have come together to promote through blogs and social media. We have so many  fantastic handmade artists , vintage sellers and supply shops for your craft projects. We are going to do our best to include a variety of beautiful gift ideas to you over the next couple of months. You can also visit our team shoppers guide and see a wide variety of  gift ideas from our Rainbow Artists Team members.

Take a kook at this weeks gift ideas from these fine artists.

LaBella Terra

Southwestern Wall Sculpture > Gourd Art

Our friend Ann created this beautiful Southwestern , home decor wall art. I love this unique piece of gourd art. The red terra cotta leather in the center with the turquoise really brings this piece together and makes it stand out. A very one of a kind  wall art decor.

Meet Ann

I have been an artist – in one form or another – all my life………..I am fascinated with the process of bringing imagination to form.

To me magic is everywhere……. the earth, the trees, the rocks, all of earth’s creatures, the sky, the stars……everywhere. My art honors the magical and mystical that connect us……………….with a dash of whimsy and humor!

My shop name, La Bella Terra, is Italian for “the beautiful earth”. read more here


Soulful Stuff

Orange and purple Magnesite earrings

Our friend Karynlee made these beautiful orange and purple Magnesite  earrings. They are perfect for fall. What a great gift idea for the Holiday season!

Meet Karynlee

Soulful Stuff is inspired by my deep passion for nature and the One who created it all. Nature communicates and touches our souls through sights, sounds, colors, scents, textures, and all sorts of sensory experiences. As I observe all of the beauty around me, I am inspired to create. Quilting has been a passion since childhood, but I enjoy a broad spectrum of materials and mediums to communicate. I recently have re-discovered a love for wood carving and burning which helps share the Cherokee language. I love creating native style jewelry with all sorts of beautiful gemstones and woods I carve. My Cherokee heritage deeply influences my work in many aspects.

I am blessed with a wonderfully supportive husband and four great children.

read more here


Glowing Heart Studios

Golden yellow mandala necklace

A beautiful beaded mandala necklace from our friends Deanna and Kent shop. At Glowing Heart Studios you will find some really awesome handmade beaded jewelry wood art and dream catchers.

Meet Deanna and Kent

We are peaceful warriors that enjoy creating natural dream catchers and handmade jewelry that are both empowering and spiritual. Weaving the songs of nature into our rustic and inspirational art. It seems to encode information that sometimes is lost to us. For us, crafting is a meditation, an offering, and a remembrance of times past. We are grateful to share with you.
Peace & Blessings….Deanna + Kent  read more here


All About The Buttons

Blue green Cowl

A beautiful blue green cowl made by our friend Barbara. So very stunning and look at those buttons! At All About the Buttons you will find a variety of handmade art.

Meet Barbra

I have always indulged in creative outlets-needlepoint,knitting,sewing and more. I love to keep busy,look back and feel the great satisfaction upon seeing a completed item. Of course, some have bombed, but we don’t talk about those!
Please feel free to go through my feedback. I am very proud of everyone’s satisfaction. The theme running through them all is “Even better in person”. Buying online is always a leap of faith but I have proven you will be happy with your button purchase.
I love custom requests especially for the tape measures. Please contact me with your thoughts and we’ll see what we can work out together.
Hope you enjoy my buttons! read more here


I would like to thank everyone for stopping in to check out our latest blog post and these wonderful handmade artists!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Peace and love!

Debbie from Thunder Rose


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