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It’s a beautiful Sunday morning and I have some very special handmade art to show you today from Rainbow Artists Team. Last night was the Harvest full moon in  Aries and as  I  watched Grandmother moon rise I thought of how wonderful it is to be able to see the beauty in simple things or anything that makes you slow down and take a look. Very Grateful for that!

I am going to start off with this beautiful sculpture from Gilly  at

Gilly Thomas Sculpture

Life Sketch > Deep in thought

A beautiful handmade sculpture that really spoke to me.  How many of us have these moments in time where we sit contemplating our lives and where we are at the time we are in. This beautiful sculpture reminds me of those moments in my own life. I feel it would be a beautiful piece for your living room or a special meditation room. Somewhere you can remember to take the time to always reflect.


Meet Gilly

Have come to sculpture rather late in life and am thoroughly enjoying it! Wasn’t allowed to go to Art school in the late 60’s so I eventually took myself back to college aged 50 – go and sign up as a Mature Student it’s great.

So now I have a studio/workshop next to my home and have turned a spare stable into a Gallery (there’s posh) and of course I keep creating and filling my little Gallery with bronzes and smaller pieces and exhibiting locally and in Dublin.

What I would like to do is give you more details of how the different pieces are made and the thinking/creating behind them.  Read more


The next artist I would like to share with you is Monika from

Tobisia’s Lil Thing

Heart Pendant necklace

I chose this beautiful heart pendant with an amethyst stone in it because I love hearts and amethyst. Hearts have long been an inspiration for me .  Heart jewelry, heart shaped rocks hearts of all kinds symbolize for me, heart strength , compassion , love, peace and comfort. Spiritual meaning that is heartfelt and real. This would be a great gift for someone you love deeply.


Meet Monika

I always liked nice things – paintings, photos, jewellery etc. I love history, nature and sightseeing which can and is very inspirational.

Few years ago – about 2-3 years after my coming to England – I decided to make my first card – Namesday card for my Dad, this first one was silly looking one but my Dad loved it and that’s how I started with my new hobby.
First jewelery piece I made for my Mum – necklace and bracelet with tiger-eye beads – she still loves to wear it. Read more


Now let me show you Kent’s beautiful art

Images by Kent Olinger

Zuni Bear Totem Earrings

These Zuni Bear totem earrings are so stunning and have so much heart. Do you see the heart in the center of the bear?  The bear symbolizes strength and power from within. I love bear medicine . I feel there is so much that can be learned from this magnificent animal if we only take a look. I have dreams about bears a lot and have learned to pay attention to those dreams when they show up. So I picked these special bear totem earrings from Kent’s  Etsy shop. If you know someone who loves bears these would make an awesome handmade gift this holiday season.


Meet Kent

I started metal smithing as a hobby approximately 20 years ago. In the mid-90’s, I left a full time position as an instructor in the Paramedic Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta to pursue metal smithing full time and have since developed my hobby into a successful small business. I relocated from Edmonton to Gabriola Island, BC in 1998 where I produced and sold my jewelry from my home-based studio/gallery and became an active member of the community Arts Council. In 2006, I relocated to Chemainus on Vancouver Island, BC and continue to produce my jewelry to date from my home-based studio/workshop as well as participate in local artist events. Read more


Now for the beautiful handmade art from

Christina Goldstein

Peacock Painting

I have always been fascinated with peacocks. The powerful display of feathers that the male shows during courtship is just stunning. Christina has captured this in this beautiful painting. Do you see the full moon in the background? How beautiful!  What an awesome gift  this would be!

Meet Christina

I originally started this adventure a couple of years ago when I realized that I loved crocheting, so I decided “Why not?” Sometimes life has a way of sending you down a different path and it is at this point in time that I take it.

Due to spinal cord injuries, my hands no longer wish to cooperate with a hook and yarn. Instead I am finding a new value in just being able to sit down and paint. Some days it is extremely difficult and painful and some days I can paint more care free, but each time it is enjoyable and always a journey. It is about overcoming and persevering, and I hope to inspire others even in a small way to just keep going. Read More


This is it for this week ! If you would like to visit these four different stores please follow the links below the pictures and in red.

Thanks so much for taking a look !

Have a beautiful week!



Thunder Rose Leather


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