Home for the Holidays

It’s amazing how fast the holidays come back around. Before you know it we will be working on Thanksgiving dinner and then Christmas. On our Etsy team we are getting a head start with our holiday shopping promotion so everyone has plenty of time to get things done.  Today’s for our featured artists we have a mixed media selection of shops for you to check out.

Kathi Heale from Lilly Beads Designs has a wonderful assortment of beautiful jewelry. One of my favorites from Kathi’s shop is her leather wrap bracelets. Take a look…

Boho Ruby Zoisite Leather wrap bracelet

I really love the beautiful colors in this bracelet. This boho bracelet would be perfect for a bohemian gypsy friend . I really want you to see some more of Kathi’s work she has so many beautiful colors and styles of handmade jewelry in her shop.

A variety of handmade jewelry from Lilly Beads Designs.

As you can see there are many beautiful colors, styles and types of jewelry ranging from earrings, bracelets and awesome necklaces . When you go to Kathi’s shop you will see so much more. To read more about Kathi go here.


The next shop I would like to share with you is Candy from Speaks with Ancestors Candy has awesome gourd art, medicine bags , dream catchers and lots more. Her style is very native and you can tell she loves what she does.

Wolf gourd art

Wolves are very special in a lot of peoples lives. As you can see there is a lot of work that went into this amazing  piece.

To show you the intricate detail of this amazing gourd art that Candy has done I am now showing you the other sides of this piece.  It is absolutely stunning. To read more about Speaks With Ancestors shop go here.


To mix things up a bit now I would like to show you a fantastic Vintage shop. Gina from  Gina’s Vintage Shop is stuffed with collectibles, educational books, electronics, bar-ware, glassware, tea cups, coffee cups, blankets, rugs, dolls, figurines, doll furniture, accessory and travel cases, bake-ware and so much more. Her shop is always changing so it is important to go by often to see what else she has found.

I noticed that in Gina’s Vintage Shop she has a whole section of Holiday collectibles. How cool is that? So many of the items you find there remind me of Mom and Dad’s house and all the cool cherry holidays items that came out for the special time of year. Take a look

Santa’s House

This is a vintage lighted porcelain Santa’s house for the Kringle Town series made by Prettque Inc. to be used as a train accessory or in a holiday display.

Now that I am a Grandma I think the children would really think this is fun. I would put it up right next to the Christmas tree on a special table full of Christmas fun .

Now take a look at all the cute items you could decorate your home with. When the family comes by and you have a awesome meal all cooked up you could decorate your table and serve with these special holiday home for the holiday’s decor.

Home Decor for the Holidays.

To read more about Gina’s Vintage shop go here.


Next I would like to show you a really awesome shop full of cool supplies . For those of you who love to create your own gifts Paula from PTurnbulland Bishop has a lot of awesome things to choose from. Not only does she have supplies but she has many ready made things all made up for you. Take a look…..

Beaded Medicine Bag.

Paula has an assortment of beaded medicine bags that she makes. What a great gift one of these would be for someone special in your life to keep there medicines in .

There are so many really cool items in this shop that it’s hard to choose what to post. 🙂

So I am gonna go with another one of my favorites.

Bone bead supplies

Beautiful bone beads. You know how I love beads! Check out these beauties. This is only a very small selection of what Paula has in her shop. To read more about Paula’s shop go here.

These are some amazing shops. Click on the pictures and the links to visit each of these shops.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Have a beautiful , peaceful day!



Thunder Rose Leather


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