Inspired by Nature

In my humble opinion the more time we spend in Nature the more we inspire our creative spirit. Today I would like to show you some shops from Rainbow Artists Team that clearly are inspired by nature .

Take a look at Kit from Kit’s Creation’s beautiful sea glass shell jewelry.


Sea shell and sea glass pendant

I love this unique pendant . Kit found the shell while walking along the beach. She added a Sea Glass Heart Shard with a Heart piece of Clam shell  to make this a special Pendant. I can see some rose colored places in this shell pendant that make it all come together nicely. It’s amazing how Kit can find these beautiful items and then create an extra special piece just for you or a loved one. To read more about Kit go here.


Next check out have Sandy from Little Canary and Co ‘s handmade country wreath.

Grapevine and beaded butterfly wreath

This handmade wreath is so amazing and so inspired by nature. I love the grapevines all wrapped together and the beaded butterfly is beautiful and creative. This is perfect for fall and Thanksgiving decor in your home. To read more about Sandy go here.


Now let’s take a look at Deborah’s beautiful dragonfly heart bowl from

Clay by Nature Pottery

Stoneware dragonfly heart bowl

In many of Deborah’s pottery art she has a Dragonfly. As she goes for walks where she lives in Colorado she enjoys watching the dancing dragonflies around her. They have really inspired her work. I love the way she designed this handmade bowl into a heart shape. To read more about Deborah go here.


Take a look at this cool butterfly mosaic I found in Bob and Pam from ZZBob ‘s shop.

Butterfly Mosaic

I love butterflies and this one is absolutely stunning! It would be lovely to have this in your home to always remember the beauty that the butterflies grace us with every summer. This would make a heart felt Christmas gift. To read more about Bob and Pam go here


I have really enjoyed going by these beautiful shops and picking out my favorite items for this blog.  I will say I have so many fav’s from each one of these shops. Be sure to go by and take a look around. Each one is unique and one of a kind.

To see more from Rainbow Artists team go to the link below.


Have a beautiful Friday evening and fun weekend!

Peace and blessings!

Debbie from


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