Special handmade gift ideas

We are into week 4 in our gift idea promotions on Rainbow Artists Team. There are so many really great handmade items to choose from . This week we have some really unique items to show you.

Cindy from Cinful Designs  makes beautiful handmade jewelry , cool Christmas ornaments and fun dolls for home decor. Since we are getting so close to Christmas I want to show you this beautiful purple ornament Cindy made. I bet you will never find another one like it. It is One of a kind.

Purple and black Christmas ornament

Cindy has a really fun and colorful Etsy shop. You will find beautiful jewelry made with colorful beads and gemstones, handmade dolls for your home and unique and colorful Christmas ornaments. Be sure to stop into Cinful Designs


April Luna from Moon of Light Talismans has some very unique jewelry. I found this fairy necklace with a quartz crystal in her Etsy shop. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves fairies and crystals.

Fairy crystal necklace

April Luna has many unique items to choose from . All her jewelry is either wire wrapped or electroformed. Be sure to stop by her shop Moon of Light Talismans.


Catherine from Tribal Handmade makes beautiful hair clips for weddings and special occasions like Christmas. I found one that has a beaded medallion and peacock feathers attached to it making this hair clip very colorful. Take a look.

Beaded hair clip with peacock feathers

Catherine has a really cool store. She also makes fairy houses for your home , beaded jewelry, dream catcher earrings and so much more. You should go by and take a look at Tribal Handmade


Diana from Luna Essence has a fantastic Etsy Shop filled with beautiful handmade jewelry and handmade bags. She has gemstone jewelry, beaded jewelry and each piece is unique and one of a kind.


Blue floral leaf necklace

This is one of many of my favorites that Diana has in her Etsy shop.  Be sure to stop in to Luna Essence.


Our team has many members that make quality handmade items. We also have vintage sellers and suppliers.

A well round group of small businesses. Shopping from small business owners makes Christmas extra special because you are giving something that was handmade by an artist that loves what they do. This keeps our artists and small business owners in business and helps family and friends receive something real special.

To see more gift ideas check out Rainbow Artists shopping guide.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!




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21 thoughts on “Special handmade gift ideas

  1. Debbie I am so honored!!! Thank you so much! I have been on other account and didn’t even see this until today! Definitely giving love! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and HAPPY VETERANS DAY! Peace and Love to you!!!

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