Featuring Rainbow Artists Handmade

Good morning friends this morning I am going to celebrate some really great Rainbow Artists Team members shops.

My dear friend Janice from Beadwork 4 Sale is one of my favorite beadwork artists. I have several of her pieces and I wear them all the time. She has real feel good art. Janice is a leader on our team and she really is a very kind and generous woman.

Beadwork 4 Sale by Janice Reed

Janice has many beautiful items in her shop. She makes beaded leather cuffs, fully beaded cuffs, beaded earrings, beaded barrettes and  a whole line of special awareness beadwork.

One of my favorite pieces is this beautiful beaded turtle cuff.

Beaded turtle cuff

A very stunning beaded cuff with a sea turtle center piece.

Janice I want to thank you from my heart to yours for being a really awesome friend and thanks so much for all you do for our team!


Next we have Carola from Carola Bartz.  Carola is an amazing artist . Her shop is filled with so many beautiful handmade items from handmade journals, unique paintings, handmade cards , and hand knitted items. Since Christmas is right around the corner I would like to show you a set of Christmas cards  and gift tags Carola has created.

Christmas card and gift tags > set of six

Just beautiful. A Christmas card that is a work of art and a gift tag to match. I love Carola’s shop . I adore her journals and have blogged them before.  Take a look at this new Gratitude journal I found today.

Gratitude Journal by Carola Bartz

A gratitude journal is a very special gift for anyone. When we sit down with ourselves everyday and give thanks and write down what we are grateful for it truly helps our minds focus on the good parts of our lives. It is one of the most nurturing things we can do for ourselves. To have a special journal makes the experience even more delightful.


Now lets take a look at what Sharon from Ravens Bend Folk Art is doing. Sharon makes the most incredible fold art paintings I have ever seen. This one I am showing you today is a night light.

Hand painted night light cover from Ravens Bend Folk Art

This is so cute. I love the hand painted hearts and flowers. What a sweet gift for anyone.


Ravens Bend Folk Art

Be sure and go by Ravens Bend Folk Art on Etsy . Sharon has wonderful gift ideas for this Holiday season.


Now let’s take a look at some cool handbags that Anisa from Kuchi Designs has in her shop.

Crossbody bag from Kuchi Design

Kuchi Design collections are one of a kind bags created with recycled materials including leather, silk, tribal vintage, hand-made textiles, embroideries, and mirrors. They are so unique.

Colorful Tote

So as you can see we have some really beautiful items to choose from here today.


If you would like to see more from our team members please go by and check out our

Team shoppers guide


Do you need some new beads to play with >

check out Janice’s

Flutterbye Bead Supply shop

Flutterbye Bead Supply


A shout out to

Deanna and Kent from Glowing Heart Studios

Heart shaped dream catcher by Glowing Heart Studios.

Deanna and Kent make beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and awesome one of a kind dream catchers. They also have a line of amazing wood art. Deanna is one of our team leaders and a very dear friend. She is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart…..Thanks for all you do Deanna!

Thanks everyone for stopping in!

Blessing to you! Wishing everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving !

Love and peace!

Debbie from Thunder Rose Leather

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Beaded Hummingbird by Thunder Rose

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