Every Sea Shell has a Story….

Artist Fire Circle

Sea shells tell a story ~ each beautiful, each perfectly intricate. If you press a seashell against your ear and listen carefully, she whispers the secrets of her life journey.

I am mesmerized by the way Gerry from Eagle414 expresses stories in the sea shells she collects. You can see how much she loves these sea shells in each unique piece that is created. Here are a couple examples of her art, just click on the pictures for more information:

c16756b385537fb5c52650d78c934ac4Sea Shell Wall Mask Plaque

a0fe85818d4b8a26aa693120cf8b9a33Sea Shell Keepsake Ornament

To find out more about Gerry and how her shop came to be:Eagle414

I also want to give a shout out to a couple wonderful leaders of handmade communities that we contribute to:

John and Debbie from Thunder Rose createold style leather and beadwork handbags and accessories, one piece at a time, by hand, with a great awareness for detail.

cd6b07995f488421469355b660c6f2a2Leather Messenger Bag


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