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We are in the shoot heading for the Holidays. Some of us look forward to it and some try to get by. Some of us craft our way through. We are makers, crafters and we work in many different mediums.

What better kind of gift than one you make yourself or one you buy that is handmade by a small business owner. If you are just learning to craft ,what better time than during this season when everyone is stressed out. You can focus your attention on making something beautiful for someone you love or shop online out of the long shopping lines. You can get your Children and Grandchildren to learn how to be creative with new craft ideas. How fun is that! It will most certainly be a special occasion, one that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Rainbow Artists has some supply stores that have some interesting and beautiful items and kits to help you make something beautiful for your friends and family. We also have many beautiful handmade gift ideas.


Flutterbye Bead Supply
Flutterbye Bead Supply
Flutterbye Bead Supply
Flutterbye Bead Supply
Flutterbye Bead supply
Flutterbye Bead Supply

Handmade Gift Ideas


Handmade beaded jewelry from Beadwork 4 Sale
Handmade beaded jewelry from Beadwork 4 Sale



Dream Catcher Kits

Dream catcher kits Glowing Heart Studios
Glowing Heart Studios Dream Catcher Kits


 HANDMADE gift ideas


Dream catchers
Glowing Heart Studios Dream Catchers



Handmade jewelry from Lilly Beads Designs
Handmade jewelry from Lilly Beads Designs



Handmade jewelry from Images by Kent Olinger
Handmade jewelry from Images by Kent Olinger



Handmade leather handbags  from Thunder Rose
Handmade Leather handbags from Thunder Rose

I hope you enjoyed all of the ways you can create and all of the beautiful handmade gift ideas. Be sure to stop by the above shops to see all the items they have.

You can view more items from Rainbow Artists Team on our shoppers guide.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Debbie from

Thunder Rose Leather

fringed leather boho handbag
Beaded Turtle Totem by Thunder Rose



Flutterbye Bead Supply

Flutterbye bead supply is one of my favorite bead suppliers. Janice has a lot of different kinds of beads and supplies to choose from in her awesome bead shop. You will also find good prices , good service and fast shipping. 

Flutterbye Bead Supply
Beautiful Czech Fire polish glass beads


From Janice :

“Flutterbyebeadsupply offers a unique, affordable selection of beads and jewelry-making supplies that won’t break your bead bank!

I’m an avid bead artist and started buying supplies in bulk to help keep my costs down. I know how important it is to have a nice variety of beads and supplies to work with, while also trying to stick to a budget. My goal with this new shop is to offer these beauties to fellow bead enthusiasts, while passing along the savings as well!

As the shop name implies, all inventory may come and go just as quickly as a fluttering butterfly on a hot summer day! So, please don’t hesitate to make your purchase now, items are not guaranteed to be restocked. ”

Thanks for stopping by,

To view some of my completed designs, you’re invited to visit my other shop at:

Beadwork4Sale -By Janice.

Janice is a really wonderful beadwork artist. 

You should check out both of her Etsy shops.

Thanks for stopping in !

Love Light and Peace!

Debbie from Thunder Rose Leather


Valentines Day Specials

A special shout out to some of our Rainbow Artists Team members who have some  awesome handmade items to show you for Valentines Day.  Handmade gifts that have been made with love and are ready for you.

For those of you who love to make your own gifts and have those diy projects you have been waiting to try you should check out our teams suppliers. They have great prices and so many fun beads and so much more.

Click on the picture and go to our team page and you will find these special gifts and so much more

Rainbow Artists Team Valentines Day Specials.
Rainbow Artists Team Supplies for diy projects.
Rainbow Artists Supplies for your diy projects.

To see more of  Rainbow Artists Team members stores click on the pictures or the link you see and you will be taken to our TEAM PAGES where we have many wonderful shopping ideas just for you.

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KODAK Digital Still Camera
Burgundy Leather Bag from Thunder Rose.

Would you like to join Rainbow Artists Team?

Go here Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy

Featuring Rainbow Artists Handmade

Good morning friends this morning I am going to celebrate some really great Rainbow Artists Team members shops.

My dear friend Janice from Beadwork 4 Sale is one of my favorite beadwork artists. I have several of her pieces and I wear them all the time. She has real feel good art. Janice is a leader on our team and she really is a very kind and generous woman.

Beadwork 4 Sale by Janice Reed

Janice has many beautiful items in her shop. She makes beaded leather cuffs, fully beaded cuffs, beaded earrings, beaded barrettes and  a whole line of special awareness beadwork.

One of my favorite pieces is this beautiful beaded turtle cuff.

Beaded turtle cuff

A very stunning beaded cuff with a sea turtle center piece.

Janice I want to thank you from my heart to yours for being a really awesome friend and thanks so much for all you do for our team!


Next we have Carola from Carola Bartz.  Carola is an amazing artist . Her shop is filled with so many beautiful handmade items from handmade journals, unique paintings, handmade cards , and hand knitted items. Since Christmas is right around the corner I would like to show you a set of Christmas cards  and gift tags Carola has created.

Christmas card and gift tags > set of six

Just beautiful. A Christmas card that is a work of art and a gift tag to match. I love Carola’s shop . I adore her journals and have blogged them before.  Take a look at this new Gratitude journal I found today.

Gratitude Journal by Carola Bartz

A gratitude journal is a very special gift for anyone. When we sit down with ourselves everyday and give thanks and write down what we are grateful for it truly helps our minds focus on the good parts of our lives. It is one of the most nurturing things we can do for ourselves. To have a special journal makes the experience even more delightful.


Now lets take a look at what Sharon from Ravens Bend Folk Art is doing. Sharon makes the most incredible fold art paintings I have ever seen. This one I am showing you today is a night light.

Hand painted night light cover from Ravens Bend Folk Art

This is so cute. I love the hand painted hearts and flowers. What a sweet gift for anyone.


Ravens Bend Folk Art

Be sure and go by Ravens Bend Folk Art on Etsy . Sharon has wonderful gift ideas for this Holiday season.


Now let’s take a look at some cool handbags that Anisa from Kuchi Designs has in her shop.

Crossbody bag from Kuchi Design

Kuchi Design collections are one of a kind bags created with recycled materials including leather, silk, tribal vintage, hand-made textiles, embroideries, and mirrors. They are so unique.

Colorful Tote

So as you can see we have some really beautiful items to choose from here today.


If you would like to see more from our team members please go by and check out our

Team shoppers guide


Do you need some new beads to play with >

check out Janice’s

Flutterbye Bead Supply shop

Flutterbye Bead Supply


A shout out to

Deanna and Kent from Glowing Heart Studios

Heart shaped dream catcher by Glowing Heart Studios.

Deanna and Kent make beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and awesome one of a kind dream catchers. They also have a line of amazing wood art. Deanna is one of our team leaders and a very dear friend. She is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart…..Thanks for all you do Deanna!

Thanks everyone for stopping in!

Blessing to you! Wishing everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving !

Love and peace!

Debbie from Thunder Rose Leather

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Beaded Hummingbird by Thunder Rose

Home for the Holidays

It’s amazing how fast the holidays come back around. Before you know it we will be working on Thanksgiving dinner and then Christmas. On our Etsy team we are getting a head start with our holiday shopping promotion so everyone has plenty of time to get things done.  Today’s for our featured artists we have a mixed media selection of shops for you to check out.

Kathi Heale from Lilly Beads Designs has a wonderful assortment of beautiful jewelry. One of my favorites from Kathi’s shop is her leather wrap bracelets. Take a look…

Boho Ruby Zoisite Leather wrap bracelet

I really love the beautiful colors in this bracelet. This boho bracelet would be perfect for a bohemian gypsy friend . I really want you to see some more of Kathi’s work she has so many beautiful colors and styles of handmade jewelry in her shop.

A variety of handmade jewelry from Lilly Beads Designs.

As you can see there are many beautiful colors, styles and types of jewelry ranging from earrings, bracelets and awesome necklaces . When you go to Kathi’s shop you will see so much more. To read more about Kathi go here.


The next shop I would like to share with you is Candy from Speaks with Ancestors Candy has awesome gourd art, medicine bags , dream catchers and lots more. Her style is very native and you can tell she loves what she does.

Wolf gourd art

Wolves are very special in a lot of peoples lives. As you can see there is a lot of work that went into this amazing  piece.

To show you the intricate detail of this amazing gourd art that Candy has done I am now showing you the other sides of this piece.  It is absolutely stunning. To read more about Speaks With Ancestors shop go here.


To mix things up a bit now I would like to show you a fantastic Vintage shop. Gina from  Gina’s Vintage Shop is stuffed with collectibles, educational books, electronics, bar-ware, glassware, tea cups, coffee cups, blankets, rugs, dolls, figurines, doll furniture, accessory and travel cases, bake-ware and so much more. Her shop is always changing so it is important to go by often to see what else she has found.

I noticed that in Gina’s Vintage Shop she has a whole section of Holiday collectibles. How cool is that? So many of the items you find there remind me of Mom and Dad’s house and all the cool cherry holidays items that came out for the special time of year. Take a look

Santa’s House

This is a vintage lighted porcelain Santa’s house for the Kringle Town series made by Prettque Inc. to be used as a train accessory or in a holiday display.

Now that I am a Grandma I think the children would really think this is fun. I would put it up right next to the Christmas tree on a special table full of Christmas fun .

Now take a look at all the cute items you could decorate your home with. When the family comes by and you have a awesome meal all cooked up you could decorate your table and serve with these special holiday home for the holiday’s decor.

Home Decor for the Holidays.

To read more about Gina’s Vintage shop go here.


Next I would like to show you a really awesome shop full of cool supplies . For those of you who love to create your own gifts Paula from PTurnbulland Bishop has a lot of awesome things to choose from. Not only does she have supplies but she has many ready made things all made up for you. Take a look…..

Beaded Medicine Bag.

Paula has an assortment of beaded medicine bags that she makes. What a great gift one of these would be for someone special in your life to keep there medicines in .

There are so many really cool items in this shop that it’s hard to choose what to post. 🙂

So I am gonna go with another one of my favorites.

Bone bead supplies

Beautiful bone beads. You know how I love beads! Check out these beauties. This is only a very small selection of what Paula has in her shop. To read more about Paula’s shop go here.

These are some amazing shops. Click on the pictures and the links to visit each of these shops.

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Have a beautiful , peaceful day!



Thunder Rose Leather

Ms Frieda’s Classroom

Good morning Rainbow artist fans and followers! Its Saturday morning and I am happy to say we got some rain where we live in Arizona. A very welcome rain. So very needed. It has been exceptionally dry this year.

This week our shop of the week is Laurie from


Laurie is a very special woman who is helping not only her children but also families with children with special needs. Wait till you read meet Laurie below you will see what I mean.

Meet Laurie

Our shop was formally opened in May 2015 after years of crafting, months of planning and a lifetime of learning the skills to run a business.

I have always loved art. I find it to be a great medium to facilitate emotional healing, as well as an excellent form of communication.

As a mother of 12 children, I’ve had over 30 years of hands on experience. I am an avid learner and passionate advocate for my children; 9 of whom God brought into our family by means of adoption.

We have a large variety of pic clips for non verbal kids and adults which problems expressing themselves and their needs and emotions.

Our categories are color coordinated, with choices such as food, daily hygiene and even schedule routines for each part of the day!

These clips are great for non verbal students and adults, speech and occupational therapists, ESL teachers, and elderly loved ones. If you or your loved one is looking for an easy, age appropriate, inconspicuous way to communicate we have what you need!

We also offer a wonderful selection of functional and inspirational magnetic chalkboards and dry erase memo boards for your home, dorm, or office.

Thank you for taking the time to ready my story! I’m so happy we caught your eye and I hope you are inspired by what you see!



We had a big turn out for last weeks shop of the week. I have three others besides myself for this weeks treasury so I will be doing some add on’s below the treasury. Thanks to all our awesome friends who help to promote these fine artists and small business owners. You all ROCK! What a special community we have!

‘Shop of the week Ms Frieda’s Clasroom’ by thunderrose

Rainbow Artists Team new shop of the week is Laurie from Ms Frieda’s Classroom. What a special shop!Have a fun week!Blessings!

Framed Magnetic Chalkboard -…


Deep Red Jade Wrap Bracelet …


Purple Ricolite Pendant – St…


Rock Cairn Photo Greeting Ca…


Ethnic Cross body bag/Should…


Realistic Red Rose hair clip…


Belt : textile fabric, elega…


Sardonyx Stone Porcupine qui…


Love Art Print, 4×6 Print, V…


Spring Time Bunnies, Birds a…


Kodak Motormatic 35F Camera/…


Penguin plush, crochet pengu…


Sea Glass Pendant-Gift Idea-…


Natural Abalone Shell Inlay …


Deer Totem Spirit Person Han…


Country Heart Charm Necklace


Powered By Handmadeology

Dream Catcher      Raven wolf Bracelet   White Buckskin Clutch   Boho Earrings

All About The Buttons > Shop of the week

From my home

Happy Friday everyone! It sure rolls around fast…..and we all love that! Been doing a little bit of this and that. This week it’s all about being inside……One day it was so hot just unreal…..Good news is our monsoons are on their way!


Our Team

Rainbow Artists


This week we are celebrating


The featured picture says it all  “I love handmade. “

Barbra makes special handmade items from beautiful  cowls, scarfs, tape measures that are perfect for your sewing room, small treasure boxes to keep your special stuff in, gifts for your crafting friends and much more.



I have always indulged in creative outlets-needlepoint,knitting,sewing and more. I love to keep busy,look back and feel the great satisfaction upon seeing a completed item. Of course, some have bombed, but we don’t talk about those!
Please feel free to go through my feedback. I am very proud of everyone’s satisfaction. The theme running through them all is “Even better in person”. Buying online is always a leap of faith but I have proven you will be happy with your button purchase.
I love custom requests especially for the tape measures. Please contact me with your thoughts and we’ll see what we can work out together.
Hope you enjoy my buttons!


‘All About The Buttons Shop of the week’ by thunderrose

On Rainbow Artists we are celebrating a good friend All About The Buttons! Congratulations Barbra! Be sure to stop by and check out her blog feature!Blessings!

All About The Blue Buttons R…


Howling Tribal Wolf Wall Han…


Large Natural Dream Catcher,…


Fire Agate Pendant – Sterlin…


Fuschia Orange Winged Dragon…


Monkey plush, Crochet Monkey…


Tree of Life Gourd Rattle Ha…


Beaded Necklace with a Uniqu…


Fabulous Beer Mug Fabric Qui…


Native American Inspired, M…


Women Men Young Adult Leathe…


Heavy Duty Wool Socks, Hand …


Folk Art Angel, 5×7 Print, P…


Bone hair pipe choker, white…


Hello Girlfriend Greeting Ca…


Dinner Plate//WhiteBrook by …


Powered By Handmadeology

Thanks so much for stopping by!




Blog Banner

Marketing Unique Handmade Creations

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I took off from the shop of the week.  I did want to create a treasury. As I was creating it I remembered an article I just read in the Etsy forum about  treasuries. It said this


“Treasuries are a curation tool you can use to interact with your friends or teams, but they are used infrequently by buyers to discover new items they are looking to purchase, so we removed them from the activity feed for our new homepage. We have seen that they don’t influence purchases for buyers on Etsy, and that showing buyers listings and shops personalized to their interests helps buyers find more relevant and interesting things on Etsy. All sellers have the opportunity to be discovered by new buyers through Our Picks for You or Shops Worth Exploring, without having to create a Treasury.”

I pretty much have seen this as being true for sometime now . As a team captain I have to say though treasuries have been a way to bring teams together but it is important that a treasury makes it off  Etsy and into social media. That is why I like to make them and then use this fantastic treasury tool that Tim from Handmadeology made for us. This tool has made it so I can create a treasury with 16 members , take it to this easy to use tool and create  a beautiful picture with links back to each shop. Then I can easily add this to our website or any of my blogs. This is why I still love treasuries. But everyone needs to be on board for this marketing to work. So in my humble opinion a good treasury that gets marketed on blogs, websites and other social media sites is the way they work.

Share your thoughts about this. What is a good way to market beautiful handmade goods? What do you think could help the whole of our team efforts?

So with that said here is the treasury I created for my awesome Etsy Team.  I created this team to bring together some friends of mine and others who want to get seen and help other’s get seen.  We need to work together to get seen or share some insights . There is no I in team. Honestly I really enjoy serving others when I can. It makes my heart feel good. It is part of my spiritual life. Just so happens in is focused in the world of artists.

Love and Light!



Thunder Rose Leather

100_8772 (683x1024)
Beaded sunflower bag

‘Unique handmade creations’ by thunderrose

Just a few unique, handmade pieces of art I found that I love from Rainbow Artists TeamHappy Memorial Day Weekend!Stay safe!

ON SALE Bracelet Fabric Cuff…


OOAK Hand Made Deer Horn and…


Outta Sight Hippie Chandelie…


Peace Bank Handmade from Rec…


Jade, Copper, Pearl – Fresh …


Handsome 3 inch hand carved …


Autumn fairy house clay cane…


Lapis Lazuli Blue Ocean,7 in…


Wire jewelry, wire necklace,…


Long Feather Dangle Earrings…


Green Amazon Natural Feather…


Hippy, Boho, Handmade, Dangl…


SALE*The Wizard “Hippie…


Beaded Earrings ~ Peace Sign…


Ruby Red Swarovski Crystal C…


Amazonite wrap


Powered By Handmadeology

Thanks for stopping by!


Rainbow Artists shop of the week

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend. This week I have planted some of my cold weather garden seeds. It is amazing how warm it is in Arizona. The fruit trees have all bloomed out which is not really a good thing this time of year. Oh and I saw my first hummingbird yesterday as we sat in the garden. It had a ruby color neck. So that is my news  from my home here in Arizona.


This week on our Etsy team we had a productive week.  A big welcome to our new members make yourself at home get settled in and let us know where to find you. We had a nice turn out for our shop of the week. Thanks everyone !

A big shout out to all our leaders who are in the background helping to promote all of you. Please remember to support them!

I have a treasury challenge set up for this month with the theme of spring and Easter. I randomly choose a treasury to feature on the website.

This week our shop of the week is

Paula Turnball


Paula’s shop

I chose Paula’s banner because it is so well done and shows many of her beautiful beaded bags. Paula is one busy woman. She has so many awesome things in her shop is is hard to pick something.

Bone beads

I am a real fan of beads and Paula has a very wide selection of beads and supplies of all kinds.

Honestly you just really need to check out this store to see all the awesome fun items. You will be there for awhile…….

Meet Paula

Native American Style Beadwork and Crafts – Doing Things the way I was taught 30 yrs ago

I have been doing beadwork and native designs for over 30 years. Trading during rendezvous with artists like Ken Schmidt, & musician Bill Golden made my hobby even more interesting and fun. My mentor Bill Adams did repair work for numerous Native American Indian Museums, his work and quality was well above most. Bill is no longer with us but the lessons he taught me will last forever. I no longer go to rendezvous’ but still love going to Pow Wows across the country. I will strive to make every deal on here a pleasant one. It doesn’t matter if it is a painting, beaded bag or an antique, feel free to ask, if you have any questions.
I want to thank you in advance for looking at my store and these pages. to read more go here.


A treasury featuring 16 artists from Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy and honoring our shop of the week!

Congratulations Paula!

‘Shop of the week PTurnbull & Bishop ‘ by thunderrose

Congratulations to Paula from Turnbull and Bishop Designs and Collectibles our new shop of the week on Rainbow Artists Team!Have a wonderful day everyone! Blessings!

Beaded Possibles Bag, Native…


Gourd Art – Buffalo Totem Sp…


Candy Dish –KIG Indonesia G…


Frida Kahlo Art, Frida Postc…


Sterling Silver and Vintage …


Emerald Swarovski Crystal Da…


OOAK Shimmery Iridescent Bl…


Green Aventurine Turtle Earr…


Bisbee Malachite Cabochon – …


Orange Bird Journal with Ins…


Southwest Style, Native Amer…


Aquamarine porcupine quill e…


Beaded Bracelet ~ Sea Foam G…


leather cuff bracelet, recyc…


Flowering Vine Sacred Hoops …


Large 3-D Dream Catcher drea…


Powered By Handmadeology

I would like to thank everyone who supports our team blog! You make blogging fun and I really appreciate you. Comments are welcome!

Blessing for a very beautiful day filled with good vibes and happiness!

Debbie from

Thunder Rose Leather

Baby Moccasins