I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Hi friends. It is getting close to Christmas and there are very few days left to shop. Today I was checking out Rainbow Artists Team Shoppers Guide and found some beautiful white handmade gift ideas.


White Luster Beaded Bracelet


Lilly Beads Designs

Swarovski Crystal Clear Earrings


Glowing Heart Studios

Handmade Dream Catcher


The Hidden Meadow

Turtle Earrings


Cinful Designs

Wedding Necklace


Little Canary and Co

Beach pouch Necklace


Jan’s Healing Pendants

Rose Quartz Necklace

To see more awesome gift ideas from Rainbow Artists Team on Etsy go here :

                                                                   Rainbow Artists on Etsy
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Have a beautiful Christmas and Happy Holiday season to all!
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Handmade Gift Ideas from Rainbow Artists

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day here in Arizona. It’s very sunny and it’s hopefully gonna get warmer. Christmas is right around the corner and today I am going to introduce you to some fun and creative handmade artists from our Etsy Team Rainbow Artists. We have so many really cool artists and we have an amazing Team Shoppers Guide for you to check out too.

Today I am going to start with Michelle from Atman Art Studio . Michelle is a very unique artist that does ink drawings. She has helped our team so much by doing blog interviews on this blog and promoting off Etsy. Thanks so much Michelle!

From Michelle :

I create art in my home studio in the beautiful Blue mountains, Australia. My drawing process is labor intense and meditative. Colour is an essential component of my artwork. A trip to India in 2013 inspired me to ramp up my use of colour even more!

This is one of my favorite pieces in Michelle’s Etsy shop Atman Art Studio

Original Art Ink Drawing

I love the detail of circles in this piece from Michelle. The colors are cheery , bright, bold and beautiful! What a great way to brighten up a room in your home.


Now I would like to introduce you to Ol Bill from Ol Billz Stuff

From Bill:

I started this shop as a way to make a few dollars to be able to repair vehicles when they broke down, go to the grocery store, the usual stuff in these times. Just to make life a little easier. Creator seems to give us what we need, not always what we want but that is cool:)!! From what I am reading from quite a few with shops they are debating giving it up!! I have thought about it, slow time of year for sure. Some months it doesn’t quite pay the fees but,,, the more you put on here the better the chances are you may make a little something and it’s all worth while;) Read more here.

Bear Paw Earrings

 I love bears and all that they can teach us. Here is something I found in Bills shop that I love. What a great gift for the people around you that love bears and bear medicine.


Now lets visit Gerry’s Shop. Eagle414 Sea Shell Creations

From Gerry:

This shop is mostly about sea shells. Sea shell clocks, candle rings, different plagues, wreaths, beautiful lights, jewelry boxes, picture frames, wind chimes, & wall accents or ornaments. Many sea shells I use are for sale to craft with or collect your favorite ones.

I design & hand make my OOAK sea shell creations with natural sea shells. I also use wood, electric lights w/cords, mono-filament, crystals/beads, clock parts, driftwood, glues, glosses, & cool battery-operated candles & flick a lights to enhance my creations so they can be used safely as I created them to be used … any & everywhere you want to put them!

Seashell Keepsake

A very beautiful seashell keepsake. What a beautiful wall hanging for your home or a Christmas ornament for your tree.


Let’s take a look at Allison and Sheryl’s shop. Allison Glick Ceramics 

From Allison:

I have been exhibiting and selling my work at arts and crafts festivals in the Boston area since 2011. I love the personal interaction with shoppers, answering their questions, sharing my process, and (hopefully) helping them choose a gift or a piece for themselves.

I opened my Etsy shop in 2014 with my mother Sheryl so that we would be able to connect with buyers in a larger geographical area that are looking for high-quality handmade goods.

My process: I throw each pot on the wheel using high-quality porcelain clay. When the clay is partially dry, I trim the bottom, making a rounded “foot ring”, sign each piece with my maker’s mark, and alter the piece as needed. The pots are then bisque fired in my electric kiln.

After the first firing I hand paint the patterning using under glazes. The pattern is set into the piece by a second firing.

I lightly sand down the brush strokes that were left by the under glazing before I apply the glazes. My glazes are mixed from scratch using non-leaded ingredients. The final firing reaches 2,232°F, ensuring that the pot is less than 1% porous, and therefore safe for use with liquids/food and can be used in microwaves and dishwashers.

I take extreme care in sanding and polishing the bottom of each piece, so that it is smooth and comfortable to the touch and will not scratch any table surfaces.

Purple Utensil Holder

This is so beautiful. I love these colors of purple. This would make a really great gift .


Cristina Radu’s shop is next . Cute Toys by Cristina

From Cristina:

My name is Cristina and I live in Bucharest. It started as a hobby and became a passion for crocheted amigurumi toys. Combining business with pleasure, I relax by crocheting and perform handmade cute amigurumi toys with patience and ingenuity.

You will find here handmade crocheted amigurumi toys. Are unique designs, creations and designs on request.

My favorite materials are: cotton and acrylic in a rich color palette.

For more details on handmade accessories and how they purchase, please visit the “Contact” section of this online store.

Thank you,

Crochet Monkey Toy

Isn’t this the most adorable handmade toy you have ever seen? Look at her ears! She could make any child so happy. I’m calling her a girl because look at that little pink bow. What a happy , joyful toy!


 I want to say thank you to all the members of our team who have participated in this Holiday blog promotion.

A big shout out to all our bloggers , you have been so great about blogging and promoting. To all our members who took the time to stop in and show your love and support thanks so much! Thanks to all of you who took the time to promote us on social media. We love you all!  To all our great customers thank’s for supporting small business owners and handmade artists. You are why we do what we do. Blessings to all of you!

This is our team’s main blog so I will be continuing to promote here so please stay tuned as we go forward.

In the meantime if you are looking for a great gift for a friend or loved one for any occasion or season check out our team shoppers guide.

A shout out to these fine shops!

Glowing Heart Studios
Beadwork 4 Sale



Carola Bartz


Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful day!

Debbie from Thunder Rose Leather

Purple Leather Handbag


I’m a member of an active and vibrant Etsy team called Rainbow Artists. Members of the team are from all over the world and sell all sorts of items. I’d like to know more about the places where they live in because they all sound very exotic to me!

I’d like to know more about the places that they work in, and why they make the things that they do. And most of all, I’d like to get to know the people behind the shops🙂

My name is Michelle and I’m from the Etsy shop Atman Art Studio. I’ve been be interviewing a number of teamies in recent months. This week we’ll get to know more about Nadya from Tiniest Spirit. She makes little creatures out of polmer clay and other materials that evoke magic and soul.


Where do you live and how long have you lived there? 

I live in a beautiful city named Lviv. It’s name translates to ‘City of Lions’. I’ve lived here all my life. Lviv is an old city with beautiful architecture, renaissance and art-nouveau buildings, city with character and a rich history.

Can you describe the landscape of the place where you live?

I spent my childhood in an old Austrian house with the most beautiful view from the window I ever seen. It is in the old township of Lviv and it was very close to the center of the city. Now I live in a new area with new buildings and beautiful view, but it’s a much less interesting township.

What do you like most about where you live? 

I always thought Lviv is a city of fairytales and legends. When I was a child I would look up to the window and saw a lot of roofs covered with snow and I was thinking about people who live there – knights, wizards, fairies and other habitants of this majestic city.

The thing I like more about where I live is that I always can find inspiration here. Lviv keeps the spirit of old town, I feel something similar in Prague – all the narrow streets, little windows and colorful houses.  They all remember their owners, they know all their stories and they can tell so many amazing things!

Lviv is one of the best cities for artists and writers. It inspires.


What do you like most about maintaining your etsy shop?  

I like to make photos of the items. I carefully choose all the crystals, stones, leaves and wooden sticks to make an atmosphere of magic and fantasy, to make a beautiful composition.

I also like to pack the orders. I have a little box with letter stamps and I stamp the name of the item on the box, I write a little letter with thanks on craft paper. I hope all these things bring the customer some warmth.

And the main thing I really really like – the world wideness. Imagining your creations bringing happiness for someone who lives in an opposite point of the world – it’s really fantastic. And, of course, knowing that people like what you do.

Where do you make the items that you sell?

I make all the items in my studio. I’ve had a personal studio for a year – it’s amazing – a place where you create your own world. Dolls, toys, plushies, teddy bears, watercolors – I have too much interests, and for all that I have an ocean of materials. With my studio, they’ve all got their own place on the shelves.

A lot of items in your shop are made from polymer clay – what do you like most about using polymer clay?

I like its flexibility the most. With good instruments you could make any texture, any form. It is an amazing material. But, I hope I’ll learn to work with metal and wood. One of my dreams is to try art clay – a Japanese material based on silver.


What is the most difficult part about using polymer clay? 

Actually for me it’s finding of my favorite type of polymer clay. All clays are very different, one is too soft, another is too hard. When you find your type of polymer clay, work becomes much easier. My favorite one is ‘Super Sculpey Living Doll’.

Thanks for the tip – that’s good to know!

Could you share one item from your hand made shop that you are most proud of making?

Actually, it is not the item from my shop but I really proud of it. It is a figure of ‘Baby Winston’, a hero from Blizzard computer game ‘Overwatch’.


I used many techniques – sewing, felting, hand-painting, sculpting, etc. I was working for three days. It was a present for my boyfriend, he is a game-developer. Every detail is handmade, even eyes – they are glass lenses with hand-painted backs.

All those techniques I learned myself, and it is a wonderful thing. When you begin to work with polymer clay, then you get better in sewing and so on… And after all that, you could mix all your knowledge and experience for creating something new.

Wow – well done – it really is an impressive creature that you have made. The expression is very cute 🙂


I love the name of your shop ‘Tiniest spirit’. It is very evocative 🙂 Can you tell use more about why you called it that?

I choose the name of the shop with a little help of my boyfriend. We wanted to find a name that will be mystic but cute, with a forest scent. When I opened my etsy-shop, the first items I made were little forest spirits – Wolfy Blackberry, Iceland Mushroom, Spirit of Fox Gloves, Wooden Snails and others. So it is about this mysterious dream-like spirit. But it’s also cute and tiny 🙂

It says in your etsy profile “I live in a world of magic, creativity, little beautiful things and music.” Could you tell use a bit more about the music that is a part of your world?

I really think that music is a very important part of creative process. I always try to find compositions that help me to be in fairy mood. Where you think of magic forests and tiny creatures who hides in tree crowns.

Music helps you to create a new story. All that you see when you are listening to the music is your world with your rules, and your hands have power to let habitants of that world come alive.

That is a really beautiful statement and a lovely way to end the interview. Thanks for chatting with me Nadya, it was great to get to know you a bit better.


Creative Bead Work

Sandy from Little Canary and Co created this beautiful blog feature for members of Rainbow Artists! Thanks Sandy!

Site Title

This is my first blog, and I wanted to share with you some beautiful creations from my bead work artist friends on Etsy.  With the Holidays up and coming,  it’s the perfect opportunity to share these beautiful works of art.

Meticulously hand beaded with care, Janice used the finest of materials in – this one-of-a-kind bead art necklace.  A unique, special edition statement necklace and earring set that’s perfect for passing down from one generation to the next. 

Feel free to visit Janice’s shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/Beadwork4Sale

Limited Edition &quot;Buffalo Prairie&quot; Beaded JEWELRY SET, Native American Inspired, Southwest Design, Bead Embroidery Necklace, Mandala EarringsNext, meet my friends at thunderrose  who make beautiful leather goods.


Beaded leather handbag ,  Phone bag ,  Buckskin leather crossbody tote with beaded sunflower rosetteThis bag is one of my personal favorites. This beaded leather phone case is made of soft, durable elk skin leather. This sweet little buckskin handbag is great for your smartphone, i phone, medicines or just a few things you need to carry.

Feel free to visit…

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Featuring Rainbow Artists Handmade

Good morning friends this morning I am going to celebrate some really great Rainbow Artists Team members shops.

My dear friend Janice from Beadwork 4 Sale is one of my favorite beadwork artists. I have several of her pieces and I wear them all the time. She has real feel good art. Janice is a leader on our team and she really is a very kind and generous woman.

Beadwork 4 Sale by Janice Reed

Janice has many beautiful items in her shop. She makes beaded leather cuffs, fully beaded cuffs, beaded earrings, beaded barrettes and  a whole line of special awareness beadwork.

One of my favorite pieces is this beautiful beaded turtle cuff.

Beaded turtle cuff

A very stunning beaded cuff with a sea turtle center piece.

Janice I want to thank you from my heart to yours for being a really awesome friend and thanks so much for all you do for our team!


Next we have Carola from Carola Bartz.  Carola is an amazing artist . Her shop is filled with so many beautiful handmade items from handmade journals, unique paintings, handmade cards , and hand knitted items. Since Christmas is right around the corner I would like to show you a set of Christmas cards  and gift tags Carola has created.

Christmas card and gift tags > set of six

Just beautiful. A Christmas card that is a work of art and a gift tag to match. I love Carola’s shop . I adore her journals and have blogged them before.  Take a look at this new Gratitude journal I found today.

Gratitude Journal by Carola Bartz

A gratitude journal is a very special gift for anyone. When we sit down with ourselves everyday and give thanks and write down what we are grateful for it truly helps our minds focus on the good parts of our lives. It is one of the most nurturing things we can do for ourselves. To have a special journal makes the experience even more delightful.


Now lets take a look at what Sharon from Ravens Bend Folk Art is doing. Sharon makes the most incredible fold art paintings I have ever seen. This one I am showing you today is a night light.

Hand painted night light cover from Ravens Bend Folk Art

This is so cute. I love the hand painted hearts and flowers. What a sweet gift for anyone.


Ravens Bend Folk Art

Be sure and go by Ravens Bend Folk Art on Etsy . Sharon has wonderful gift ideas for this Holiday season.


Now let’s take a look at some cool handbags that Anisa from Kuchi Designs has in her shop.

Crossbody bag from Kuchi Design

Kuchi Design collections are one of a kind bags created with recycled materials including leather, silk, tribal vintage, hand-made textiles, embroideries, and mirrors. They are so unique.

Colorful Tote

So as you can see we have some really beautiful items to choose from here today.


If you would like to see more from our team members please go by and check out our

Team shoppers guide


Do you need some new beads to play with >

check out Janice’s

Flutterbye Bead Supply shop

Flutterbye Bead Supply


A shout out to

Deanna and Kent from Glowing Heart Studios

Heart shaped dream catcher by Glowing Heart Studios.

Deanna and Kent make beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and awesome one of a kind dream catchers. They also have a line of amazing wood art. Deanna is one of our team leaders and a very dear friend. She is an amazing woman with a beautiful heart…..Thanks for all you do Deanna!

Thanks everyone for stopping in!

Blessing to you! Wishing everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving !

Love and peace!

Debbie from Thunder Rose Leather

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Beaded Hummingbird by Thunder Rose

Special handmade gift ideas

We are into week 4 in our gift idea promotions on Rainbow Artists Team. There are so many really great handmade items to choose from . This week we have some really unique items to show you.

Cindy from Cinful Designs  makes beautiful handmade jewelry , cool Christmas ornaments and fun dolls for home decor. Since we are getting so close to Christmas I want to show you this beautiful purple ornament Cindy made. I bet you will never find another one like it. It is One of a kind.

Purple and black Christmas ornament

Cindy has a really fun and colorful Etsy shop. You will find beautiful jewelry made with colorful beads and gemstones, handmade dolls for your home and unique and colorful Christmas ornaments. Be sure to stop into Cinful Designs


April Luna from Moon of Light Talismans has some very unique jewelry. I found this fairy necklace with a quartz crystal in her Etsy shop. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves fairies and crystals.

Fairy crystal necklace

April Luna has many unique items to choose from . All her jewelry is either wire wrapped or electroformed. Be sure to stop by her shop Moon of Light Talismans.


Catherine from Tribal Handmade makes beautiful hair clips for weddings and special occasions like Christmas. I found one that has a beaded medallion and peacock feathers attached to it making this hair clip very colorful. Take a look.

Beaded hair clip with peacock feathers

Catherine has a really cool store. She also makes fairy houses for your home , beaded jewelry, dream catcher earrings and so much more. You should go by and take a look at Tribal Handmade


Diana from Luna Essence has a fantastic Etsy Shop filled with beautiful handmade jewelry and handmade bags. She has gemstone jewelry, beaded jewelry and each piece is unique and one of a kind.


Blue floral leaf necklace

This is one of many of my favorites that Diana has in her Etsy shop.  Be sure to stop in to Luna Essence.


Our team has many members that make quality handmade items. We also have vintage sellers and suppliers.

A well round group of small businesses. Shopping from small business owners makes Christmas extra special because you are giving something that was handmade by an artist that loves what they do. This keeps our artists and small business owners in business and helps family and friends receive something real special.

To see more gift ideas check out Rainbow Artists shopping guide.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!




Thunder Rose Leather

Inspired by Nature

In my humble opinion the more time we spend in Nature the more we inspire our creative spirit. Today I would like to show you some shops from Rainbow Artists Team that clearly are inspired by nature .

Take a look at Kit from Kit’s Creation’s beautiful sea glass shell jewelry.


Sea shell and sea glass pendant

I love this unique pendant . Kit found the shell while walking along the beach. She added a Sea Glass Heart Shard with a Heart piece of Clam shell  to make this a special Pendant. I can see some rose colored places in this shell pendant that make it all come together nicely. It’s amazing how Kit can find these beautiful items and then create an extra special piece just for you or a loved one. To read more about Kit go here.


Next check out have Sandy from Little Canary and Co ‘s handmade country wreath.

Grapevine and beaded butterfly wreath

This handmade wreath is so amazing and so inspired by nature. I love the grapevines all wrapped together and the beaded butterfly is beautiful and creative. This is perfect for fall and Thanksgiving decor in your home. To read more about Sandy go here.


Now let’s take a look at Deborah’s beautiful dragonfly heart bowl from

Clay by Nature Pottery

Stoneware dragonfly heart bowl

In many of Deborah’s pottery art she has a Dragonfly. As she goes for walks where she lives in Colorado she enjoys watching the dancing dragonflies around her. They have really inspired her work. I love the way she designed this handmade bowl into a heart shape. To read more about Deborah go here.


Take a look at this cool butterfly mosaic I found in Bob and Pam from ZZBob ‘s shop.

Butterfly Mosaic

I love butterflies and this one is absolutely stunning! It would be lovely to have this in your home to always remember the beauty that the butterflies grace us with every summer. This would make a heart felt Christmas gift. To read more about Bob and Pam go here


I have really enjoyed going by these beautiful shops and picking out my favorite items for this blog.  I will say I have so many fav’s from each one of these shops. Be sure to go by and take a look around. Each one is unique and one of a kind.

To see more from Rainbow Artists team go to the link below.


Have a beautiful Friday evening and fun weekend!

Peace and blessings!

Debbie from